Saturday, August 20, 2005

Angie & Angelica = Mera... not!

ANGIE EVERHART was a prime candidate, once - in my mind anyway! Born on September 7, 1969 in Akron, Ohio - she is now primed and ready to be queen... of Monaco, not of the Seven Seas, though!
Ironic that she is fiancéed to actual royalty - Prince Albert of Monaco... AND that she is my age! Born in 1969 - just like me! 1969: The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius! Alas, Angie made the wrong choices, career-wise; she was the very REDHEADED LILITH of Tales of the Crypt's Bordello of Blood... I always thought Lilith to be a redhead too - irony, again...! But that is another story... That role and the subsequent path that her career took taints her somewhat; for she sure has since lost her innocent aura, which she still had here, in these pics taken early on in her modeling career...

ANGIE EVERHART... not to be confused with fiery-redhead ANGELICA BRIDGES... of course!
Angelica hosts on TBS - and even though she takes to seawater with the greatest of ease (as she proved without the shadow of a doubt on... Baywatch) she is just not... queen-like enough! Her ex was a Canadien anyway... who never played for the Los Angeles Kings - that is telling! *lol* If at least he had been a Mighty Duck of Anaheim... no... all that would qualify her to be would be Beverly to Howard The Duck in a CGI remake of that dud of a duck movie! (Since Aquaduck does not take to humanoid females like that poor misguided Howard - but that is another quack of a story... again.) *lol*
Hence, the search for the queen continues... plenty of time to find one too, as AQUAMAN - THE MOVIE is NOT scheduled for filming anytime soon...! (No matter what IMDB says...)


Blogger justme said...

I see you have a good eye picking out the women lol, very nice and I enjoyed reading this.

Many (((hugs)))

8:14 AM  
Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

Aye, indubitably my dear!
I should be a casting agent! *lol*

No casting couch for me though - I do all my casting from my desk, in front of the PC!

(((hugging))) you back!

1:01 PM  
Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

AQUAMAN: THE MOVIE may not be in the casting stages (or even in the plot development stage for that matter!) - but they are casting a quasi- spin-off of Smallville, following the appearance of a young Aquaman on that show (though he was never referred to as either Aquaman or... "Aquaboy" -sheesh, thank God!- but as A.C. the whole while through... short for Arthur Curry, his civilian identity.)

The as-yet untitled show will recast the part of a 20-something A.C. - add a slew of teen angst poster boys and poster girls to surround him... et voilà! Instant ratings smash-hit, I am sure!

Thus, the casting search has to be refocused now - from sexy mature Sea Queen Mera, we have to gear up to find a 20-something Sea Princess Mera now!

I give up!

10:21 AM  

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