Thursday, December 31, 2020

 "Come With Me... Into The Sea Of Love...!"
Hmm... who sang that, again?!? *lol* 

Aquaficionada Mermaid & 
Aquaficionado Merman 
appear too enthralled with one another to even care...!

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But to answer the original question...

Never mind who sang what; I have found my orchestra, at last!

Here it is:

November 4, 2009
Muses of Aqua
Luminous World Orchestra

Film-score composer Steven Chesne created the Luminous World Orchestra in order to merge the music of meditation and yoga with the sweeping, emotional, grand orchestral music he creates at his day job. The results on the LWO's debut, Deva, were astounding, and for their sophomore follow-up they do not disappoint, taking the same approach and going even deeper into the zone where mysticism and classicism combine and form new beautiful, new visions in the clearing mist. Utilizing orchestra music's potential for conjuring emotional responses, and with an ear for transcendence and beauty, the Luminous World Orchestra hums with inspired late-night brilliance. It’s the perfect soundtrack for meditations the night after a session of deep massage or acupuncture, when toxins and long-repressed emotions come suddenly pouring out in gushes of tears and grateful sighing.

Such a key moment is heard early on in the gorgeous "Grassland," which hovers in a field with beautiful woodwinds that sound slow and dreamy in an elegiac meditation over deep, supportive strings. A single flute rises softly above the rest for the high-end plaintive note before surrendering the center back to the strings, which roll over it all in a forgiving, cleansing sweep. "Beautiful Release" explores the Asian environment with the exotic erhu violin and chunky bells and harps rummaging amidst the strings supporting the crying erhu.

The mood of wistful sad reverie continues beautifully with the hypnotic mournfulness of "Twilight Flight," which lives up to its name. It’s a flight seeming to be going home from visiting a beautiful place and perhaps leaving the love of your life behind, with moody, deep string passages underwriting cycling acoustic guitar and, finally, uplifting flutes. Emotional and deeply satisfying on all levels, Muses of Aqua lives up to its exotic title, creating something at once both dizzyingly beautiful and hypnotic, all without ever being over the top or commanding attention with sharp, jagged atonal edges or sappy interludes. The Luminous World Orchestra is something you can play for your cool friends who blanche at more "earnest" New Age music, creating instead an ideal mood for writing long, sad letters to faraway lovers, or just gazing out the window on a cloudy day, as well as for meditation or healing work. With the LWO, there is no difference between art and illumination, and even the depths of the sea can feel your love in their soft, pulsating waves.
Listen to all sound clips from this CD
"Beautiful Release"
"Twilight Flight" - and more!

Buy this CD - now!

Courtesy of the DailyOM
 All of our Aquaficionadas and Aquaficionados  
 absolutely *adore* the LWO - 
 t-shirts available soon! 

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

World Environment Oceans BioDiversity DAZE...!!!

... I mean... there are ALL these days devoted to 
THE ONE CAUSE that should concern us ALL 
--- because, surprise, surprise, IT DOES CONCERN US ALL --- 
and what is done, concretely, about anything... really? 
Whatever you do... DON'T ask *Aqua Anna* here!!! 
 World Oceans Day (June the 8th!) 
Cousteau Day (June the 11th!)
(and they follow very closely other such days: 
World Environment Day (June 5th!) 
International Biodiversity Day (May 22nd!) 
... and when is World Water Day again? lol)

All the AQUAMEN of make-believe remain absolutely mum on such days -verily, only Cousteau's grand-daughter, the apex aquaficionada Alexandra, said anything at all, as one would be certain that she would; she is light years beyond aquaficionadas such as that Aqua Anna lookalike, for darn sure- but it was just activists like Mrs. Cousteau that say anything, champion the cause, aaaaand, well... that is just sad. 

Considering the abysmal state of our oceans nowadays, the constant hazards faced by its seafaring denizens, the threats to entire ecosystems, the deterioration of the all-important coral barrier reefs, the depletion of the fish stock and sea mammal population, the sadistic usage of the seas as a dumping ground by countless toxic industries AND several parts of the oceans having become a death trap with the dubious consistence of a soup of plastics WHICH WAS PROVEN TO BE THE CAUSE OF DEATH OF A WHALE, RECENTLY... well, it sucks that all of those sea heroes, ocean defenders, all the creative teams behind them (really - duh) are simply not in the mood to talk about it - ever - on the social media accounts dedicated to their properties (wasted on them, really) and they will never seize the opportunity to sensitize their audiences -at least- nope... not even on WORLD OCEANS DAY!!! 



Banning plastics is a start... a very necessary one. 

The question is... is it too late, already? 

The industrial age brought about the revolution of plastics - they replaced virtually everything that used to be made with other materials. They were good, cheap, reliable. But then their volatile (e.g. disposable) nature and easy-to-throwaway ''quality'' soon turned into a nightmare as these plastics started to show up ---resurface--- virtually everywhere in nature. Everywhere they shouldn't be present, most particularly in the oceans; and in cataclysmic quantities, at that. This has got to stop. But doubt lingers on many minds that such an AQUAPOCALYPTIC trend can be reversed now, this late into its very visible effects... 

If only the make-believe champions 
who come from a pro-environment background 
(naturally - symbiotically - logically!) 
could make it their agenda 
or at least remain consistent and in sync 
with the world and the times we are living in... 

Aye, it may be far too late already 
for all of the world's oceans 
and the Seven Seas... 
But that doesn't prevent our man 
-King of the Oceans, eh; K.O. is O.K. eh- 
to take out ALL of the anguish 
on that lousy representative 
of the industry of PLASTICS! 
I tell ya: James Wan's Aquaman movie 
better address this - all of this! 

He's a big-time freakish JERK... 

And a pervert, on top of that...!!! 


Aye, I tell you, verily... 


No more single-use bottles - no more! 
(well - that's a start...) 
I mean... what about the 1L and 2L bottles? 


But there is some light at the end of the tunnel... 

Thanks to sea angels - such as ''AAA'' - 
Apex Aquaficionada Alexandra 
(who makes up considerably for 
the many lacks in such 
superficial wanna-bee aquaficionadas 
-not luminous at all, those bees- 
such as *Aqua Anna*...!!! 
But that is another story!) 

Thanks for all that you do, Alexandra Cousteau 
--- and other Sea Shepherds out there! 
(better than any aquamen, marine men, fathoms, 
stingrays, tritons, submariners!)

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