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"Come With Me... Into The Sea Of Love...!"
Hmm... who sang that, again?!? *lol*

free music
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but the music 
will never die!)
Ahoy! We also have a YouTube playlist, anyhow... Walk the plank for it now, maties!

But to answer the original question...

Never mind who sang what; I have found my orchestra, at last!

Here it is:

November 4, 2009
Muses of Aqua
Luminous World Orchestra

Film-score composer Steven Chesne created the Luminous World Orchestra in order to merge the music of meditation and yoga with the sweeping, emotional, grand orchestral music he creates at his day job. The results on the LWO's debut, Deva, were astounding, and for their sophomore follow-up they do not disappoint, taking the same approach and going even deeper into the zone where mysticism and classicism combine and form new beautiful, new visions in the clearing mist. Utilizing orchestra music's potential for conjuring emotional responses, and with an ear for transcendence and beauty, the Luminous World Orchestra hums with inspired late-night brilliance. It’s the perfect soundtrack for meditations the night after a session of deep massage or acupuncture, when toxins and long-repressed emotions come suddenly pouring out in gushes of tears and grateful sighing.

Such a key moment is heard early on in the gorgeous "Grassland," which hovers in a field with beautiful woodwinds that sound slow and dreamy in an elegiac meditation over deep, supportive strings. A single flute rises softly above the rest for the high-end plaintive note before surrendering the center back to the strings, which roll over it all in a forgiving, cleansing sweep. "Beautiful Release" explores the Asian environment with the exotic erhu violin and chunky bells and harps rummaging amidst the strings supporting the crying erhu.

The mood of wistful sad reverie continues beautifully with the hypnotic mournfulness of "Twilight Flight," which lives up to its name. It’s a flight seeming to be going home from visiting a beautiful place and perhaps leaving the love of your life behind, with moody, deep string passages underwriting cycling acoustic guitar and, finally, uplifting flutes. Emotional and deeply satisfying on all levels, Muses of Aqua lives up to its exotic title, creating something at once both dizzyingly beautiful and hypnotic, all without ever being over the top or commanding attention with sharp, jagged atonal edges or sappy interludes. The Luminous World Orchestra is something you can play for your cool friends who blanche at more "earnest" New Age music, creating instead an ideal mood for writing long, sad letters to faraway lovers, or just gazing out the window on a cloudy day, as well as for meditation or healing work. With the LWO, there is no difference between art and illumination, and even the depths of the sea can feel your love in their soft, pulsating waves.
Listen to all sound clips from this CD
"Beautiful Release"
"Twilight Flight" - and more!

Buy this CD - now!

Courtesy of the DailyOM

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Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...


If you got here via the tortuous DC route (DC message boards = stripcreator luminous cartoon strips = luminous blog = and finally here!) - well... good!

I only want the ones capable of finding their way here to see this anyway! *lol*

AQUAMAN and his large extended supporting cast were of great interest to me once - and, as you will see reading this blog's entries, I had planned a long and entertaining saga for the Sea King!

Too bad that, when I did approach DC about it, thrilling tales of undersea adventure that would have repercussions (rippling waves, verily!) throughout the DCU were not of interest to the small-minded editors (who are no longer employed by DC, mind you...)

Still... who knows?
Maybe NOW my ideas have a chance to impress somebody...

If not AQUAMAN and DC per say - some other folks with some other aquatic epic (hint hint) that I keep under wraps... but no - not Namor! Never Namor! *lol*

For I have since developed my very own aquatic saga, yes...

The material found here though is what I had for AQUAMAN - exclusively.

My own babies - I always keep under wraps! It is called smart business! ;)

This may be only fan fiction hence - but the truth remains that it is better than 99% of the sanctioned, official, true-blue Aquaman stuff published by DC since the character's creation in 1941!

Yeah - I am that confident and I am that good!

As the other guy says - excelsior!
But I prefer to go - "woooooo!"

1:29 AM  
Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

You hear music?
Tis aqua music!

Although the first track only really has some aquatic elements in the video (a whales swims by a number of times, in thin air... to see that, and to see all the videos, scroll down to the bottom of this page - not the bottom of the sea!).

The first track is a sort of anthem to the end of a dream... my childhood dream of writing AQUAMAN I guess!

Sure helps that Linkin Park and I share the same initials and attitude - otherwise, I don't identify much with these punks! *lol*

Track 2 is really some Atlantean content... check it out!

Next - the Renderers might render you numb... and maybe seasick as well, with "High Seas"!

Two funny tunes (and videos) follow - by Nova Mob and Phil Collins respectively. These two will take you back to 1911 and 1912. Memorable years for seamen...

Sebastian C (...) vaunts the merits of life beneath the waves next...

That is followed by a classic by good ol' Bobby D!

The British Sea Power come on next for a double bill (no invincible armada here, but still...!)

At that point, I hope the playlist has not hit a snag and is still moving full speed ahead...!

Sometimes it does not :(

If such is the case, click any title on the playlist to be taken to - and watch the ones you want one by one!

Next one in line is strongly recommended too: TIDAL WAVE by a band called LONGWAVE.

If you will bow your heads (and shake you head in disapproval of the pollution of our seas we are responsible of...) you will want to "Pray for the Fish" with Randy Travis...

Row Da Boat is there only as a joke... worry not...

Beck's "Lost Cause" is there to reflect that the opinion of many may be affecting DC's handling of AQUAMAN... and sure would affect AQUAMAN himself, were he not a fictional character...!

I had to have a track by HOOTIE & THE BLOWFISH...

(Sorry though - no Fishbone! I never liked their stuff!)

Alanis sounds like Atlantis, so... *LOL* Just kidding... her "Thank You" video makes me think of "Splash"... A naked nymph on the streets of a big city... and not half as ditzy as Daryl Hannah was in the movie in question either...!

(Still - Alanis has nothing of a deity - y'hear me, Kevin Smith? No - I didn't like everything about Dogma...)

Ozzy's No More Tears - well... the girl is weeping an ocean, clearly...!
Plus - I am not crying over lost opportunities - NEVER AGAIN!

I reserve the right to run the gamut of OTHER EMOTIONS about it though - just like Marillion and surely Aquaman would too - hence the MAN OF A THOUSAND FACES track...
(Well, Marillion has a name of predilection too... of course...)

Next, more about me than about Aquaman too, is the track "In The Crossfire" by STARSAILOR...

The Ocean Blue is another little-known great band - their song "Drifting And Falling" proves it without a doubt, I believe...

The Seahorses are like AQUAMAN... and like me too... TONS OF POTENTIAL... and no one gives them (us) a really good chance...!


NEXT - We had to hit THE SHORE... eventually!
I could have done worse - I could have sought something by Dinah Shore! *lol*

Back to the brine we go with Dan Dyer (although he is singing on the beach - it is as close as he can get to the GREAT OCEAN... I guess!)

Bizarroid Bjork's OCEANIA follows...

The excellent ballad OCEAN by Hanna-McEuen comes after that (again - if the playlist doesn't act up!)

Another bizarre band - called "Swallow" - is next; with their Oceans And Blue Skies
(highly reminiscent of "Snow" by the forgotten Electric Circus...)

Tori Amos makes it to this list, simply because of 1,000 OCEANS (it took that many to convince me - yes... though a redhead, she is no contender to play Mera - and she is as bizarre as Bjork is - in her own way! But I am digressing...)

Ol' Captain Crowe himself... or should I say Captain Jack Aubrey "Master and Commander" of the sea (is he?) - is next! He acts - he sings - he does it all... Sure, he was believable as an old sea dog... as a virtual maniac (in Virtuosity)... as The Insider... as A Beautiful Mind... as Gladiator... maybe even as Cinderella Man (!)
But for me, he'll always be the neo-nazi of Romper Stomper - who bites the... sand in the end!

Josh Groban's Oceano - LIVE! - is up next...

An... ocean away is Fastball's "You're An Ocean"

Two trailers (hoping both work) for AQUANOX follow...

The AQUABATS (an amalgam of Aquaman's power with Batman's zanyness? Hmm... maybe!) had to make the cut here - for levity's sake!

Aqualung just has the name that fits with this blog - his tune could be an ode to the Aquaman-Mera love story though (instead of one to Kutcher's tryst with the umpteenth on-screen love we see in the video - or even his fascinating love story with the sexy older woman Demi! Heh-heh-heh...) ;)

That's it - that's all - THAT'S ENOUGH!

Enjoy the music...
and, most of all, the reading material here!

Some nice visuals to look at as well, in the archives and all over, to get everyone in the mood for marine activities...

Too bad you can't take this to the beach with you, hmm?
(You might, but... I doubt you will!)

Blessings through all the tidings!

1:31 AM  
Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

Were I able to add exactly the videos I wanted here... the "aqua" quotient would REALLY be met full throttle and head on!

Toad The Wet Sprocket's "Walk on the Water" as appetizer (!)

Donovan (either helped out by Medieval Chicks - or not!) and his "Atlantis" classic is a must... of course...

Genesis' "Home By The Sea"
Enigma's "Out From The Deep"
In Tua Nua's "Seven Into The Sea"

Sting's "Island of Souls" (although, honestly, I am not even sure they made a video for that one!)

Sarah McLachlan's "Drawn To The Rhythm of the Sea"

Sarah Brightman's "Captain Nemo"

The Tragically Hip's "Nautical Disaster" (a tad better than Phil Collins' "Hang In Long Enough", I think...)

Rush's "Force Ten"

The Who's "I Am The Sea"
("Sea And Sand" too...).

Rock & Hyde's tongue-in-cheek opus, "Dirty Water" (that is Paul Hyde - not Mr. Hyde!)

The Doobie Brothers' "Daughters of the Sea"

Shakespeare's Sister's "Run Silent, Run Deep"

This Mortal Coil's "Song To The Siren"

Red Rider's "Ocean Blue"

Some French flavor with
Marie Laforêt's "Mon Village Au Fond De L'Eau"
Marie-Claire Séguin's "L'Île"

The theme from ANTARCTICA

Basia's "Time And Tide"

Lena Horne's "Stormy Weather"

Simon & Garfunkel's "Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water" - of course!

The Lovemongers' (really Heart) "Battle of Evermore"
(video shot on the beach - if I recall correctly! Good enough for me!)

Peter Gabriel's "Here Comes The Flood" (or... "Red Rain"?)

Streetheart's "Walk On Water"

A-ha's "We're Looking For The Whales"

and Sting's "The Wild, Wild Sea"

did I forget anything here?

I think so - yes!

Since I have Hootie & The Blowfish's "Time" playing here - I simply would have to add the much smoother and lyrical "TIME" by Alan Parsons Project
(with lyrics such as "gone forever" and "to the sea" - you know you can't miss with this one!)

There will probably be more additions to this "wish list"...

But they will NOT include the themes of Sea Hunt... Jaws... Flipper... or SeaQuest DSV!


And just because Captain Crowe made it, it does not necessarily mean that Popeye will either...!


Aye - confiant et arrogant!
French use is still "in vogue" - correct?

If not... confident and impudent!
Happy now?


1:33 AM  
Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

How odd now... is playing tricks on me - whenever I use its damn codes!

Now what was supposed to be Linkin Park's "In The End" has turned into...

Lindsay Lohan's "Over"

What is so odd about this though is really that I like it!
I have come to like the switch!

"Over" is a good song!
I never knew Lohan could actually sing!

I have no idea who the actors on the video are - evidently the two protagonists of a suffocatingly-troubled love story on some soap opera...
but the ensemble is good!
Very good!

A troubled love story echoes the couple formed by Aquaman and Mera pretty darn well...

Besides - this unexpected switcharoo sure beats the alternative...

The whole playlist could have gone "dead"!

I would have had to re-do it from scratch!

*That* is no fun!

2:30 PM  
Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

Maybe I will have no choice but to re-do it though...

Since I have, ah, "re-discovered" some more very appropriately aquatic tunes that would simply be so very appropriate here...

And, oh surprise of surprises - Videocodezone has them!

And they are:


and the latest by


2:35 PM  
Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

Surprise of Surprises - the video playlist is dead!!!

No videos are playing - none - nada - zilch - rien - nothing!!!


As if some switcharoos, here and there, weren't enough!

They had to nip the whole thing - axe the codes! I am NOT remaking the whole list ANYTIME SOON!

For two good reasons:

I have garnered, in the deepest reaches of this blog's waters, yet MORE videos - found on
(they will surface here and there from time to time - "depending on availability" is an expression that most DEFINITELY applies to YouTube...!)


I have also added, on the top deck here, the trailer for the AQUAMAN / "Mercy Reef" television show on the WB / CW... (it may be in the archives by the time YOU read this - look for the "Aqua Talk/Aqua Walk" post!)

Mercy Reef may come on as a mid-season replacement for some low-rated show (and immediately draw comparisons with CBS' Flash show from years back - CBS being the actual owner of the CW too!)

Most likely, 'Mercy Reef' will just serve to test the waters - and such positive response as it has gathered already will generate interest for a BIG SCREEN TREATMENT and a bonafide AQUAMAN MOVIE!

The Entourage "faux film" will turn out to be prophetic and Warner Bros will finally open their eyes on the merits of this property they themselves mock sometimes... AQUAMAN.

He who laughs last, laughs best!


3:01 PM  
Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ has more to say yet...
Make that "Pundit Bandit Of A Blogger Moi"...!

Mercy Reef has sunk like the Titanic - but nothing's ever "all bad", nope!

Indeed, it never is "all bad news" here or in life in general, I assure thee - never!

The Mercy Reef postponement can and should logically lead to a feature film, with an A-list actor to play A-Man too! (Most probably Paul Walker - or Dicrapio?)

The buzz it generated on the web (leading to sales on iTunes and the creation of a special issue on DVD, to be "given away" along with a Smallville DVD set... Ha!) is very real "buzz" - as real as any "buzz" can ever hope to be!

And, as for the videocodezone crappy performance, it truly makes it all the more interesting for you, aqua musings visitors, to plunge deeper, scroll all the way to the bottom of this blog and play each individual offering you may find there, in the archives here or on the site of origin (videocrapzone itself) - many pleasant surprises await thee when you do!

I finally found some of the gems I mentioned before, gems that were unavailable everywhere else for the longest time; gems that do belong here!



Kutless' "Sea of Faces"

TRUSTcompany's Downfall (!)

and, instead of "Force Ten",

In addition to all that, DEEZER's playlist plays well - in its own *on again, off again* charming way, of course! Depending in which country you are, too!

I would be remiss, also, not to mention that it is amazing to note how aqua musings and its constant stance of opposing AQUA to BATTY has influenced DC so damn much that they paired them up together as THE marquee team-up on the cartoony farce that they made out of THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD.

Will I get residual income now, DC?

Or at least a tidbit of credit - like Mort & Bob?


8:45 PM  
Blogger Debra Lewis said...

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1:03 AM  

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