Sunday, May 13, 1990

Aqua Aficionadas - Galore!

But don't be scared nor shocked now...

if this particular collection comprises 
much more than a bevy of beauteous aquaficionadas...

... it will also have its share of aqua admirers...

... and aquamaniacs, too!

Truly, Paul Walker was The Aquaman Per Excellence...

...never to be crowned as such... alas.

My Aqua Force...
must have existed in a parallel universe after all.

Aquaman... Captain Nauticus... Sub-Mariner... 
arguably all of these characters are trying to steal the thunder 
of archetypes from ancient times 
such as Poseidon... Neptune... and Aegir!

The ''old gods'' may be boring old relics now 
- but the new guys are just fake as they were!

And it is a good thing those things are not real, too...

You don't want to meet any of them - ever.

Real heroes... are those:

Thus rendering the feuds between the bogus types even more futile... 
and infantile.

Maybe it is for the best that Paul 
never got to portray his favorite sea hero...

As himself, he could bring the attention to what mattered the most:
(albeit via a Davidoff perfume called ''Cool Water'' - duh!)
- not battling ridiculous ''super-villains'' bent on conquering the globe 
while battling the bends and desperately trying not to sink 
as all around them drown in despair...?!?

Imagine Paul reduced to this: 
a Lego toy...!
As a Fast & Furious one, he escaped that humiliation;
he wouldn't have, had he become Aquaman.

But back to the weirdest Aquaficionadas this side of the pond, now...

They can come as drowned characters - such as this one, thanks to T.O.A.D.
(no professional model drowned for the purposes of this shoot!)

They are, also, amateur models - avid of cosplay

And they can... drawn that way, too!

Human Sub 
- not Namor!

So much merchandising is done with the sea as a selling charm - 
and yet, what has the majority done for the true sea creatures 
out there, often in need of succor, in the polluted waters 
*we* have been devastating mercilessly through the years? 

Too many of those - 
and not enough AQUA ACTION on our blue (for now) planet...
When things really start going south, it will all go topsy-turvy so fast 
and then what good will be all of those words, 
all of those intentions... any of it?
We cannot wait until everything is upside down...

Some aquatic type has to truly come forth - 
champion and defend the seas and all ecosystems 
- save the planet from itself! 
(Or from the humanoid parasites that are decimating it, in truth...)
Alas, such heroic figures will only be seen in fiction, I am afraid:
following the good example of a Captain Nemo, surely...

Sub Sanders...?!?


what a real Submarineman 
is supposed to look like now!

DUH - it never was, safe...!
Ask her...

Meanwhile, the normal joes, aquaficionados like me, 
and the ever-versatile aquaficionadas (mostly) 
will continue to ignore all the warning signs  - 
and enjoy the beach, the sand, the water 
- senselessly, like this:

When there is a sea battle, these days 
-a true battle, with the survival of the sea itself at stake- 
if an organisation such as the Sea Shepherds is not involved, 
it must likely is something trivial and superfluous, 
such as this right here:

Aye, it is probably for the best Paul never became Arthur -
although the resemblance is so very much there...

Surely, Paul would not have enjoyed portraying the darkest aspects 
of this character that, once upon a blue sea, both he and I, 
thought the highest of...

Under much consideration, therefore, 
maybe all of those aquatic lunatics 
aren't worthy of bathing in the same brine 
as Aegir after all...!


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