Saturday, September 17, 2005

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There was once a young sailor, on his very first trip out to sea
He was bewildered and a tater amongst the monoliths that he would see
Them old sea dogs who took him under their wing, to teach, to mold
They would soon tell him of all sorts of wonders - and how to be bold!
One - clearly the wisest - would tell him of the kindhearted mermaid
Who had dispensed benefactions to each and all - often coming to one's aid!
"Look - old one-eyed MacGregor... The shark almost got him one night!"
said the wise one, to which replied the youngster "What happened then? Tell me - if you might...!"
"Why - the fair mermaid swiftly came to his aid!" he commanded
And all would listen in religious silence - yet none commented
The ebb tide was high - and so the wise one continued his recital
None of his audience dared to be judgemental
For it occupied their minds to listen; it even soothed some nerves
"And look now - he enthused - at one-legged MacArthur, over there, he who endures...!"
"What about him...? Was it the shark again - that almost got him, as well?"
"No - him it was the great white whale! And as surely as a man can wail...
the fair mermaid swiftly came to his aid!"
The youngster then caught a glimpse of the armless sailor inside the cabin,
looking sad and dejected, wearing plaid
So obviously feeling like the lowest of the low
"And him... did the fair mermaid swiftly come to his aid, also...?"
"No... him the fair mermaid struck down with the fury of a fierce harpy!
And that is why he has never again been finny-happy!
For when his hands wandered away from her fishy tail...
the fair mermaid ceased to be fair or kind - or such is the tale!"
Copyright ©2005 LUCIANO A. PIMENTEL

This poem is a work in gestation! *lol*


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