Wednesday, January 10, 2001

And The Ultimate Aquaficionada is...

Bathing Beauties and Screen Sirens - both, 
over the years -more than a century now- 
that there has been films, movies... talkies! 
Obviously, over all this time, there have been 
countless occasions where a naked nymph has emerged 
and the spectators collectively gasped at the sight of 
such a Venus emerging from the foam of the sea...!
So then...
It is surely time that we, at Aqua Musings, 
proud sires of the special kind of siren known as 
crown such a cinematic version 
of our coveted concept...!
Who shall be, therefore, the

Is it Lia Beldam, from The Shining?

 Angie Dickinson, (Un)Dressed To Kill?

Eva Grimaldi during her Quiet (and lewd) Days In Clichy...?!?

Antonia Santilli (wishing she was) The Boss?

Lisa Machulska... King Size (but small glimpse!)

Lisa Niemi - posing in Slam Dance

Lisa Belle - all wet `n` gooey in The Theatre Bizarre

Lisa Eilbacher (Perfect Score Eilbacher!)
taking a bath in Live Wire...

Lynette & Leigh Harris
- much better than those Hammer Films twins
 (or the Bella Twins!)
from the forgettable ``Sorceress``of 1982...

Or either Cherie Lunghi
or Alice Krige -
bathing beauties...

Well that`s for the softcore choices, anyways;
Mariner Kevin Costner`s preference -
if one believes what he said to Susan Sarandon
in yet another movie...!
(And surely you noticed that
we disqualified all Baywatch Babes
from the get-go... by default!
One has got to have... sea principles here!)
And yet... We could always go
a step beyond our comfort zones here...
sink a little deeper, in other words...
and go with either one of these
latest (but hardly greatest) entries:

Julie Smith
(never to be mistaken for Andrews)
in the ``H_ipnotika`` shower...

Jazy Berlin,
another avid showerer and, therefore,
 aquaficionada by association...
Also an alleged member of
an ``All-Babe Network``

This has been a simulpost
from the TLB Prime Network
in collaboration with
our own ``taste-testing blog``
and another rather... ah... luscious blog
- where such things belong, usually!

Thanks to
xHamster and Celebrity Sleuth, also,
for making all of those classics
(and unclassics alike)
so readily accessible!

Diana Nyad...


(Many of her all-time favorites made the list!)

(We suspect she`d vote for Lia!)

Lia Beldam does stand out for various reasons here, too: 
not only is it tasteful nudity and all...
(seriously undermined by lengthy shots of Jack, tho...!)
And the colors are not-so-coincidentally... AQUA colors!
(as in Aquaman`s indeed!) 
Orange borders and green contrasting with luminous white walls...
Very hard to resist, for us... indeed!!!
And yet...

We might skip them all - 
and just give our vote to iluviar`s mermaid... still!
That`s just us!

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