Saturday, October 01, 2005

an aqua-epic - rien de moins... nothing less!

Yes, True Believers - the actual purpose and raison d'être (!) of ''aqua musings'' here is indeed to showcase that auld project of mine, conceived and adapted from properties belonging to, for the most part, the once venerable popular sequential art fiction publisher once known as National Periodical... This auld project was -some of you would have already guessed it- conceptualized in the primordial days of my pre-pubescent coming of age...! It was painstakingly nurtured through the years, as I was biding my time for it. It was to be GRAND. And in retrospect, indeed, and especially in the light of what has been done to the characters that I wanted to use in this project in the course of the execrable eighties and nincompoopish nineties - MY project would have been... oh-so GREAT!

But I'll let you be the judge... exonerators or executors!

This project will be posted differently than my acclaimed cyber-novel d'horreur Darkenings Into The Light - a NaNoWriMo 2004 Winner! No - this will be posted starting with the LAST INSTALLMENT (following) leading up, progressively, step by step and post by post, to the first one... This way, when a newbie comes unto the blog, it will all be laid out in chronological order for him! (Disregard the dates for now - starting soon, a post dated the 1st of the month will actually be the continuation of a post dated the 2nd... and so on! Blogger forces me to it this way!).

Thus... without further ado, here it is...
My adolescent aqua-epic (*lol*) - featuring characters that are TM and copyrighted to DC Comics Inc. - and with absolutely nothing in common with the sickening Aqua Teen Hunger Force...

Ah - but first - a synopsis (which will be reposted at the end - which will be the beginning - how... lyrical, eh?) AND... some more back story...
(Hey - my blogs - my rules, RIGHT? Damn right!). The following is exactly as presented on the DC Comics message boards - see the date/hour/minutes... down to the second!

And thus...
luminous luciano finally presents: his aqua saga - to all the legions of rabid non-fans of his luminescence! (And aqua-fanatics at large too...!)

Posted: 2004-04-28 21:28:31.0
Is that all that Fisherman can do in the DCU... smuggle arms and kidnap children? And I thought Scavenger had been screwed big time by the DC editors... He'd reformed - was content with just... well, fishing it turned out... and then they made him out to be a bigger creep than he had ever been before...!

Marvel villains never get that treatment when they reform - they get credit for having mended their ways and stay good... usually ending up as members of the Avengers...!

All this to lead into one of my myriad ideas for AQUAMAN - Undersea Armageddon... nothing less!
Chock-full of cameos - AQ would be carrying on as usual, taking out regular threats, as this massive one would be gaining momentum and very soon engulfing all of the Atlantean outposts, cities (Sub Diego included, sure...) and settlements scattered as they should be across the vastness of the oceans... PHANTOM STRANGER would know of it... ATLAN... ARION... HAL JORDAN / The Spectre... NAIAD... NUADA... and TUATARA would awaken from his coma blabbering about it!
This would be big... real big.
Somebody likened AQ to being DC'S Thor... well, this was to be, as I envisioned it initially, Ragnarok for Atlantis! Or a Sea Crisis if you will...
Even that Devilfish guy could be in it... (and if you still don't know who that is - look no further than JLATLANTIS!)

luminousluciano luciano's stripcreations
<<- data-blogger-escaped-2004-04-28="" data-blogger-escaped-21:55:39.668="" data-blogger-escaped-br="" data-blogger-escaped-posted:="">---------------------------------
It is simply because I had bigger plans for Fisherman... for quite a lot of regular Aqua foes actually... all revolving around the one that should be the bane of the sea king's existence (with apologies to Kordax...) - Poseidon!
Time to settle things once and for all with ole Poseidon... And this time, the sea god would take no chances and stack the deck against the sea king to a point where the odds are simply... unsurmountable. To all of the Sea King's former foes, Poseidon promises his very trident IF they bring him Aquaman's head!

No more silly little skirmishes - the fighting has scope now - added meaning - and there is no end in sight for virtually all show up - even new ones AQ knew not he had as enemies will take a shot!
Simultaneously, a plague of -indeed- apocalyptic proportions is besieging all manners of undersea-dwellers (a thinly-veiled allegory of what we are doing to the seas...) courtesy of Poseidon - and the supporting cast (a more pro-active Rodunn... Mera, back to true shapely form, and crew...) are trying to help with that... All the while AQ is taking the fight as far away as possible from the populace - and he is fighting alone for the most part. One after the other they show up - the Shark, Sea Wolf, Orm, Manta, Fisherman surely, Koryak even... all wanting to be the one to take the sea king down and get the prize.
Now at this point, sheer fatigue should get to AQ and so his buddies should start to show up too and help out... But what if they too would turn out to be after the power prize?!? No - not Tempest... but maybe the Lady of the Lake? Or Naiad? Or Nuada? Even Arion! (Never trust a mage I say...)

Whisking him away to safety - merely so he can regain his strength - would be the unlikely alliance of... QWSP and ol' "PIRANHA MAN" himself... yes - Charybdis! Storytelling is about a lot of different things see... but also about not being predictable!

And here would be two villainous fellows - an imp and a... piranha guy?! - who would turn out to be, at long last, REFORMED DC VILLAINS THAT STAY REFORMED! (Well - ok... it is too tempting not to have ONE go back to his old tricks... guess which one now...)
Cameos would be repeated - more trustworthy help is always appreciated - but AQ would only request one thing - a lift to OLYMPUS so he can take the fight to Poseidon himself!
More surprises I had planned would make this arc (I hate the term, by the way - for it sections what should be ONE long saga; not good in my estimation!) worth the trip... because I have got enough here to last a lot more than six issues... maybe even more than 12 too! Veitch got that many for his stuff - it would be a shame if this did not get as much!
But then again... I am not writing AQ at all...
luminousluciano luciano's stripcreations
<<- data-blogger-escaped-br="">At the term of this posting, I received a lot of kudos from the message board regulars who have true affection for these characters - that was rewarding and almost (I stress ALMOST) made up for the DC editors' (K.J. Dooley on top of the list) lack of receptiveness... back in 1997 that is.
My Aquatic Epic remains a source of fond memories still... somehow...!
Art © DC Comics Inc.


Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

Something else I posted on the wretched DC Boards...@#$%!! *lol*

"Kevin Dooley has had a reputation for being a very difficult editor to work with..."

Wish somebody had told me that way back then - when I approached ''Doodles'' for one reason and one reason only - Aquaman.

He was the Aqua editor - so I figured he was the one to approach with a bunch of ideas that could have served as the springboard for a companion limited series...

Alas, for me, ''Tempest was picking up the slack in his mini'' at the time too... Thus, no chance for me!

No chance in hell for a lot of reasons apparently... Doodles was not the mentor I innocently wished him to be...!

Thus, I became what I am now - a realist!

No more pipe dreams for THISluminous scribe...!

11:39 PM  
Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

And I also posted the following...

Aquaman's surroundings are a problem too...

He'd be a star at Marvel by now...
Or at Image...
Maybe even... coming out of a smaller independent press?

Because... he would have had a clean slate... and no bats or soupesies to hold him back!

But surely the fans are culprits too...
Some preditors too, though...

11:46 PM  
Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

Alas, NOW, the Powers That Be at DC and the new writer at the helm of the character's book isnpired themselves of my words it seems (!) and have gone with the "clean slate" approach... but by creating a BRAND NEW CHARACTER to BE AQUAMAN... while the original one is carefully stored in mothballs somewhere under the sea...!


Once more the old adage "careful what you wish - because you might get it" proves absolutely TRUE... eh?

11:49 PM  
Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...



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Aquaman's education level
Posted: Sep 29, 2004 5:00 PM Reply

I had a question about Aquaman. I've recently became interested in the character and have been collecting back issues - a lot of which were of PAD's run and also including the 'Secret Files & Origins' book. Amongst these, I've seen no evidence that Arthur had any sort of education, other than being taught how to read and speak by his surrogate father, Tom Curry. I have no problem with that; I don't think it diminishes him as a character. But, it does puzzle me that he is usually portrayed as being very intellectual and well-spoken (as a king should be) - but it makes me wonder how/where/when he acquired this. Any views?
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also known as icarus22


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Aquaman's education level
Posted: Sep 30, 2004 5:00 PM Reply

Justice League Correspondence courses?

Seriously though, - I have no idea. Good question.

Dreams are like rainbows - only fools chase them.


Posts: 275
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Aquaman's education level
Posted: Sep 30, 2004 5:00 PM Reply

Well in reprint of secret origins digest the precrisis aquaman went to school on mainland. In post crisis, i think he learned basic english and the eskimo language from tom curry and then atlantean from vulko while he was prisoner in atlantis. In JLA year one issue two he was reading a first grade reader and j'onn told him he should learn german because it was easier. I would say that he probably educated himself in the first year in JLA, from the books and computers available to him. I figure before he became king he probably spent time with each member of JLA to see how normal people are. So one day with Barry he would see how police scientist works and probably assists on some case. A day with j'onn he goes on patrol with him and his partner assisting them down on the waterfront. A day with ollie he probably sees boring life of millionaire and how he treats others under him and then hits the streetshelping ordinary people in trouble. A day with dinah he sees her running the flower shop , helps with loading and unloading , how she deals with difficult customers and then goes out on date with her and go dancing only to stop hold up at the club. And day with Hal gets ride in a jet and then helps rescue downed plane in ocean with hal's help and then sees hals way with women as he tries to set up dobule date only to have both women fall for Arthur. Also when he became king im sure he had many tutors including vulko to help educate him in ways of diplomacy as well as atlantean history. I think also his telepathy allows him to pick up other languages much quicker than normal human, from . reading that someplace. So the aquaman of today has learned a great deal from people and from experiences. Also he has become the current writer of atlantis chronicles. So he must have had some formal education on land or in atlantisor both.


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Aquaman's education level
Posted: Oct 1, 2004 5:00 PM Reply

Of course he went to school. Unfortunately, it was a school of tuna.

"You work for the BLUE SKINS and on a planet someplace you helped out the ORANGE SKINS and you done considerable for the PURPLE SKINS! Only there's skins you never bothered with...the BLACK SKINS! I want to know how come?! Answer me that, Mr. Green Lantern!"

"Are you still here?"


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From: The Realist From Parts Better To Be Left Unknown
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Aquaman's education level
Posted: Oct 1, 2004 5:00 PM Reply

Well - in one classic JLofA moment - he was seen repairing Red Tornado!!!

What do you think about THAT, Cooky?

AQ is a fast learner... the type that can read a book in a minute... lest he telepathically scans it?

He does have an Atlantean brain after all - you know! One that can do things you or I could never do!!! Heck - you can't even get yer goldfish to do what ya want him to...! So...

[C0000FF]"There are two ways to spread the light; be the candle... or the mirror that reflects It." I have chosen to be the latter... ok?
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Aquaman's education level
Posted: Oct 1, 2004 5:00 PM Reply

Aquaman repaired Red Tornado? Was that the precrisis issue 230 when the satellite was damaged? Havent read that in few years, i do remember elongate man working on him and flash at one time.


Posts: 1,603
From: The Realist From Parts Better To Be Left Unknown
Registered: 10/8/03

Aquaman's education level
Posted: Oct 2, 2004 5:00 PM Reply

No question about it - it was pre-crisis What issue per say - I do not know!!!

But really - it does not matter in my estimation! Pre-crisis means canon to me! Case closed!!! I care not for the temporary changes decided upon by the doodling preditors temporarily (indeed) in charge of things...

The more things change - the more they are the same!

Heck - I am pre-crisis too!!!

I am merely able to post again here through the modern miracle of Hypertime...

[C0000FF]"There are two ways to spread the light; be the candle... or the mirror that reflects It." I have chosen to be the latter... ok?
L uminous L uciano[ ][/URL]


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Aquaman's education level
Posted: Oct 1, 2004 5:00 PM Reply

So what? There's nothing inside the Red Tornado but a big wind. You can't fix wind, but you can break it.

"You work for the BLUE SKINS and on a planet someplace you helped out the ORANGE SKINS and you done considerable for the PURPLE SKINS! Only there's skins you never bothered with...the BLACK SKINS! I want to know how come?! Answer me that, Mr. Green Lantern!"

"Are you still here?"

FYI - Red Tornado is an ANDROID... so he has substantially MORE than just WIND inside of him... not a tough Terminator-like android he is, though - admittedly, he often does get the WIND KNOCKED OUT OF HIM... *LOL*

As for the "miracle of Hypertime" that I alluded to back there - Hypertime is a device used by lazy DC writers who feel not like EXPLAINING anything when they want to borrow from the past... even though it is no longer possible to do so! Thus they invented "hypertime" - not much more than time travel it is, really... Nothing more than a deus ex machina hence...

12:10 AM  
Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

More evidence than required that one should be careful what one wishes for... even jokingly...

more questions for Kurt
Posted: Apr 2, 2004 4:00 PM Reply

Well, I am most grateful for the show of telepathic potency that Kurt allowed AQUAMAN to make in front of all JLA and Avengers fans combined... maybe it will finally open some eyes, even in the editorial offices... Now was the time to do it... so thanks a million for that, Kurt!!!

Would you have the Sea King as dominant as that in every issue if you ever wrote his series...?
Maybe you should take the assignment then!!!
I know AQUAMAN would like it...
I also know that if I had written Aquaman, his telepathy would have been amped up/fully used a loooooong time ago...
Ever seen the movies "The Fury" and "Scanners"? Guidelines for all telepaths / telekinetics I say...



12:29 AM  

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