Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Of Mane And Nice...!

I was on FB the other day - for my trimestrial visit there, I think -  and I saw this:

May is Water Safety Month. 

Did you know that unintentional drowning is the second leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 14 years? 

For more info, check out our mane man, 
Michael Phelps' Facebook page!

May - MY MONTH - Water Safety Month? 
WOW - I feel so honoured and privileged!
They simply must have done this for me... rrrright?

My, this is reason and cause enough to bring back the acclaimed Aqua Aficionado feature - and to declare it officially as ambidextrous, linguistically speaking, as people tend to treat my very own name, all the time...! Now, this is no formal complaint or anything of the sort, really (if it was, it would be done in another forum, not this one, I assure you!) It is just that I get to hear it being pronounced all sorts of different ways - thus, I thought to reciprocate in a creative way, here, today: first by officially proclaiming that the title of this blog itself is okay either way! Aye, it is fine and dandy as aqua musings or ''aquamusings'' all in one word! Be my aquatic guest! And therefore, likewise, I would be no good host if I didn't allow the most popular feature of this blog, which is ''Aqua Aficionado'' of course -duh- to be given the exact same tongue-twisting treatment! Hence, now and forevermore, it can be referred to as ''Aquaficionado'' in one word too - or ''Aquaficionada'' if it fits the bill better - and usually, it would, let's all be honest now...! For all of the aforementioned aquaficionados are truly "nadas"...!

Before we progress, however, and proceed with the official return of the popular feature, a word (or a hundred words) about the Water Safety Month thingie...

Michael Phelps? Our "mane man"...? Maybe he is yours, H&SFM folks - and maybe he is yours too, sports fans - but he sure isn't ours, here, on aquamusings! We'd rather go with considerably less-hairy Daring Diver Darren Taylor discovered on History Channel's Superhuman program.
Or the late Patrick Musimu - even though his had all been shaven off (we presume; for a better free-diving experience? We'll go with that. Anyways, where he is now -six feet under, rather than several fathoms below- the hair must be growing back again... But that's another story.) 

Phelps only has the hair going for him, really. So, he has hair and is able to shampoo in the shower - what is so spectacular about THAT...?!?

I must express my disappointment with the very name of the product, too: H&S For Men. For Men? You mean, all these years that you made people believe that the shampoo was for anyone with a mild-to-serious dry scalp or dandruff problem, you were only truly catering to the women's needs and not at all to the poor guys stuck with this problem?  That is sickening! This is OUTRAGEOUS - as a certain version of good ol' Aquaman would say, were he here and were he confronted with such a fact! Guys should feel betrayed, alright - and boycott this gooey green or blue junk, in return and proper retaliatory act! Real men can deal with flakes any number of other ways, truth be told; whereas sissies with long-flowing manes and scaly scalps that are, on top of all that, graying with the tides might as well give Nice'N'Easy a try, while they're at it! My best, all-time favorite Aquaficionadas (Christie & Heidi being but two of the lot - see both below) shouldn't be the only ones allowed to use all of those hair products (despite their highly-pollutive effects on water and suspected high toxicity levels, too) and get away with it!!! (As in get away from each dosage alive and, relatively-speaking, still well enough to swim on for years to come...!) But that's another story, really... Let's rather focus on just the water -and the women- here, as we always should, indeed...

And so, without further ado, let's bring it back in style and introduce some never-before-seen on "Aquamusings" - Aquaficionadas...!

They'll do the job better than AM, AQ, me, myself or anybody else in reminding you to be safe in the water, this month and every other month; I am so very sure of it...!  ;-)

Three's The Charm...

Aquaficionadas shall return... 


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