Friday, September 27, 2013

Northman would be Aquaman?

Now that would be amusing; especially if you take this scene into consideration...

The more fans are asked about who should play the part of the one-and-only Sea King in a potential ''King of Atlantis'' movie (or a Justice League movie; to go with the ''Man of Steel'' commoner - but that ''Dark Knight'' fellow is just, quite frankly, too far beneath either of them...!  Too bad the WB and fanboys worldwide refuse to admit that...!) the more the name of Alexander Skarsgård comes to the fore (I would've typed ''the surface'' - but let's save it for another time, hmm?)  And all of this hoopla has got to be due to his ongoing performance in HBO's sickly addicting ''True Blood'' series (addictive to some, it may be - definitely not to me!  But that is another story...) as well as other noted appearances that Alexander has made, here and there...

Here's an Aqua Blue pose by Alexander here - 
very convincing, very Arthur Curry-ian; 
and the gal looks like former flame Kate, 
whom one could say he stole 
right from under a Super cape...! 
But then he swam away...

The Nordic thespian has been in a number of quality roles, and he was not born yesterday either (1976, to be exact: the year of the Bicentennial for the USA - and for Aquaman!) but it is unquestionably the role of bloodsucker Eric Northman (ha - Northman; get a Nordic actor to play him -  pure genius!) that has made him a household name indeed (still, somehow, the paleface from Twilight gets more press coverage than he does? No fair! But does anyone care - really?)

Let's have a look at the acting range of one Alexander ''The Great Skarsgârd'' - in action and deep (pun intended, once again, of course - duh) into his character, with co-star Anna Paquin in tow...

Is this guy Ocean Royalty material or what?  He ''has it'' more than Hartley, Ritchson or DiCaprio combined! And he certainly has it more than this guy as well (who is Eric Dane anyway?!?)

Alexander truly has an affinity for finny friends, too: 
he's joined the campaign TAILS FOR WHALES 
and brought over to that side, as well, 
a certain close and curvaceous friend...

Now all this really hits the fan (!) when one realizes that the actress who plays Northman's ''lady apprentice'' here is none other than Kristin Bauer - the original voice of Mera, Aquaman's wife, on the single most significant appearance she made in recent years in animation. Kristin's character (Pam, former head of a bordello turned right hand of the vampire - what a career path!) is quite the same ''right hand'' function as Mera serves to Aquaman - but, at least, Mera wasn't in a bordello! In True Blood, she has gone on to become the mistress or 'womentor', if you will, to an apprentice all her own - a black chick who joyfully sucks hemoglobine now while enjoying homoerotic moments with her mistress, too!  Of course - True Blood had to have a couple of lesbian vampires - it was a given. That the part of a Carmilla-type was given to the erstwhile Mera - now that is, shall we say, surprising?

Alexander Skarsgard & Kristin Bauer van Straten 
speaking at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International

in San Diego, California (duh) - on the 14th of July, to be exact!
Photos by Gage Skidmore, 
 from Peoria, AZ, United States of America.
Isn't it so TOUCHING (and appropriate) 
that the future King of the Seven Seas 
demonstrates such tenderness towards 
the once (and future? Nah!) Queen Mera...!

Further amusing, here, is how things that one sees, sometimes, making no sense at all; and then, years after that, it all seems to come together... somehow! Case in point...
Years ago, I remember glancing at this Comic-Con picture that seemed to make no sense at all: the unlikely team-up projected by a trio of ''cosplayers'' had reunited ''classic Aquaman'' (way pre-New 52 back then) with X-Men Beast... and Rogue. Now, everybody knows that the actress who played Rogue (and still plays the part - in the yet-to-be-released (at blogging time) ''X-Men: Days of Future Past'' nonsense on celluloid, of course!) is the true star of True Blood: Anna Paquin. When the show started, she was the only household name signed up for a part in that cast! Anna's Sookie character there (a fairy hybrid, nothing less: still something more believable than a mutie, I say!)  met the vampire-who-loves-to-swim, Northman, and sparks flew - just as he was deemed a natural for the part of Aquaman too, as a direct result of his swimming, by casual observers like yours truly indeed!  And so Rogue and Aquaman were reunited again; and, this time, not as *cosplayers* in some comic-book convention somewhere or even in a mega multi-character insane (if not inane) cross-company crossover,, but in a sometimes more believable piece of fiction than the comic-bookies themselves get to be! And one could guess that the Beast between the two would be Bill, Anna Paquin's real-life husband and co-star on TB - or it's the devil itself, for all we care, here, at aqua musings!  We could go on extrapolating - you know it! Have a look at the pic in question now and you will see how right this comparison is!

Here they are, together again for the first time: 
Rogue... The Beast... and Aquaman! 
No idea which CON this came from, originally...
I don't even have the slightest idea who this guy is! 
And the same goes for the CosPlayer-Aquaman here...! 
Rogue and Aquaman do make quite a match, oddly enough; 
and to think that this was YEARS before 
Anna ''Rogue'' Paquin was matched with 
the heir apparent to the crown of Atlantis! 
As for the furry creature standing in-between them; 
it could truly be the devil himself indeed, 
judging from Charlaine Harris' material -
or the Beast of Biblical prophecy, instead...? 
Only such a monster would have ''blessed'' 
such an unholy dalliance as 
Aquaman and Rogue...!!!

Who knows - maybe AQ and ROGUE would have developed some-kind-of-complicated-thing over time - if the fiasco that was the Amalgam Universe crossovers and spin-offs had continued for any length of time...!  He does have a rep now for collecting flings, on the side: Power Girl, Dolphin, Wonder Woman... Rogue would have been overmatched in that harem, but still; one thing is for damn sure - it would have been as complicated a relationship as the one Eric Northman and Sookie Whatshername share on True Blood...! 

Copyright: TV GUIDE...?!?
Hey - no BEAST between them this time: at least!

Only time will tell if Skarsgard (argh - how do you get that funny little punctuation on top of the second 'A' without having to resort to copy-paste, HUH?  Only a Northman would know - hmm?) will indeed soon don the regal orange-gold-and-emerald of the Sea King...  In the meantime, as per our custom of having Aquaficionadas here, rather than aqua-posers and assorted would-be kings (...!) let us reflect instead on WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN... If Kristin Bauer had, once upon a time, donned the crown of the Sea Queen in live action; instead of the fangs of a lesbian vampire! What if the eventual Mrs. Van Straten had gotten the part in the flesh (when she wasn't past her mid-thirties, shall we say) instead of getting only voice-over work with this character, that one and only time...?  What if she had embodied the Queen of the Seven Seas - instead of various surface-dwelling, ah, whores really...!?!

Well, the following pics of Kristin in all her AQUAFICIONADA glory give us an idea of what COULD HAVE BEEN there...

All pictures - trademark to their rightful owners!
Just click on the pics!


Blogger Ty Berius said...


This was all an excuse to ogle bodacious Kristin Bauer, wasn't it? LOL

I will beg to differ here and give my vote to the same guy who has been quoted (I believe) saying that he WOULD play Aquaman... The best choice for the part... Star of 2005's INTO THE BLUE... Paul Walker!

Ironically, he's got an even better EAU DE COLOGNE than Northman has: he's got COOL WATER! Which is more AQUA too...

And here are more reasons why they should pick Paul...


7:35 PM  
Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano™ said...

Hey, good ol' martian-marshmallow-manhunting-pal... Good to see you! Thank you for dropping by, here, too!

I haven't seen it yet!

Looks good, yeah...

I will only agree with one statement you made (since I will not admit to having forgotten about Paul when I round up the usual aqua-suspects in the above post: Hartley, Ritchson and the rest!) - yes, it is very odd that a stinky vampire, whose flesh has been dead for decades if not centuries, cannot have a better perfume than that...!!!

And Fast Paul there has got Cool Water...

Dammit - maybe he really is AQUAMAN - already!


7:41 PM  

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