Saturday, January 07, 2017

Clean Up Time

It boggles the mind sometime - does it not? (And we will get back to this, in depth if we barely skin the surface this time, here, on aqua musings - and elsewhere on the web as well - fret not!) 

Millions upon millions of dollars are wasted - wasted - in the entertainment industry, on CGI bringing back dead actors on-screen now, on movie projects hastily put together just to make a quick buck, on lurid and ludicrous concepts that would never have been considered as viable investments in yesteryear's Tinseltown! And now, with a businessman in the White House, one who doesn't even believe in neither climate changes nor to prioritize environmental issues over his ''America First'' agenda, the chances to see governmental bodies initiate unprecedented pressure upon the private sector that we can deem ''non-essential'' to give generously to real-life causes worth much more, and for the entire planet too... well, those chances are absolutely nil now!

So, instead of truly fostering and protecting our planet, what we get is this: millions more injected into an unplanned sequel to those execrable, insipid and ultimately uninteresting so-called ''Guardians of the Galaxy'' (because even Marvel dared not dream such a silly dream: that the first film would be any sort of a hit at all!) and equal amounts going to be invested in the dastardly competition's Justice League, Wonder Woman and Aquaman movies. 

People are, still, not entirely dumb: the most wide-awake of them will admit Marvel movies are formulaic and crappy - especially those Guardians there... Oh, and Deadpool. And women were even strong enough to collectively reject Wonder Woman as their ''representative'' with the United Nations' special appointing that the character had garnered for its 75th anniversary - heck, they even summoned Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot to be there at the announcement! Wondy was to be a special ambassador of women's rights at the U.N. for the year - but it was cut short, extremely short (only a week!) due to protests from... women! (Who else would bother - right? Captain Marvel fans - paid by Marvel, maybe... Otherwise, impossible; she has no fans! Or some awakened souls might have rose, protesting we honor a fictional character made up by some shrink while there are plenty of real-life women who could relay each other, each year, in just such a role at the U.N.! But I digress...)

So why, tell me why aren't people assembling in a league of fortune to clamor for funds to be redirected into saving ecosystems... feeding the hungry, both human and animal... saving species about to go extinct... saving the seas from our pollution, our over-exploitation of them, our destructive ways...?!?  We must do something - now. Instead, some (not the majority; but enough people, yes...) await with baited breath and applaud each instance of news being fed to them about the casting and production of this fictional league, the one our dear, long-haired again but darker and decidedly hirsute Aquaman is a member of...

Yay... Yawn! 
Big Deal...
As if any of them could actually DO SOMETHING 
about the MESS that we are all in...!
(And I sure hope you realize them ''MARVELS'' 
are totally utterly USELESS TOO!)

And it is not even sure this Aquaman would even do squat about the problems the sea is challenged with, day in and day out, now, in the 21st Century...!!!  Hell, the whole planet is in a dire situation; our roughly 30% of it above water is barely so... (And it most certainly won't be weirdos such as Doctor Strange or Hellboy or Spawn or Ghost Rider or iZombie that will do anything about it!)

The sea is so polluted these days - we should all do something about it. All of us - something. When we encounter pollution - remove it. When we meet a sea creature entangled with this man-made crap - do exactly as this man did. No question. JUST DO IT.

Because, at the end of the day, we made this entire mess.

We should be the ones to undo it. No one else.

Not an ''Aquaman''... Not GOD...

WE sullied the Earth - WE CLEAN IT UP!

And it is time ***NOW*** to get to work - instead of wasting precious time (that we may not have back again!!!) watching silly films with imaginary beings pretending to be even greater than the archetypes they shamelessly ripped off...!!! (And NO, you Marbles morons: with the latter category I do not mean Namor!!!)

So... that means we have some 20-odd days to beat some 
serious sense into the numb, hollow skulls 
of various governing bodies...!!!



We have got to act.

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