Saturday, June 25, 2016

Aquamusing? HA! Aqua Hilarious!

Been hearing about this play... musical... whatever - called Men On Boats. It makes for quite the interesting acronym, does it not now: M.O.B. - lol
That has got to have been thought out and planned - on porpoise! LOL
But never mind that now...
It is an oddity, to say the least - just upon first glance, mind you... I guess that I simply have the exact same reaction here as all those fanboys used to have regarding Aquaman and his apparent... gayness? The blondness of his hair, the blue eyes, him wearing orange and green - never mind the fact that he was married to this stunning redhead; noooo! He had to be gay. Not! Well, same here, I suppose: two or three men stuck on a boat do not necessarily have to be a trio of those either; they can turn out to be three rough-around-the-edges week-end fishermen wannabees that love to sing, too...? Just as you and I sing in the shower - sometimes? In a variety of other places - at other times!
So let us not, ah, sink the boat without giving it a chance... now! (Wow - three times now; let it never be said that I do not live in the present - ever again!) It is not a battleship anyways...

Let's hear it from a cast member... ah... instead; Jocelyn (woman... or man on boat? On a boat? Onboard!!! Oh, never mind...!)

Sorry, too lazy to go through Bioh's bio in order to determine the thespian's gender... ah... now! So sorry... No time! Blogging of any kind is already a MIRACLE, these days - these ever busy days... You wouldn't believe; nor find it much ''aquamusing'' either - at all!  But I digress...

Didn't really have time to, ah, thumb through this though...
Nor watch the show - nor talk to someone who did!
So, HELL NO - this is NOT a review here!

This may not quite be up there with Hemingway's Old Man and The Sea, no... But still. One figures that, despite the vague (pun intended - for the Frenchies, anyways! Lord Knows they need some humor in order to weather things, some jokes in order to simply pull through, lately...) ever-so slight ''homo-imagery'' that the promotional GIF image at the top here (along with the play's title itself) gives out, there are female cast members in this, we know it; which totally warrants the next image, shown below - and hopefully still available for viewing, too... For it probably no longer is...
(Hey - B**** Laws applying and all, you never know! Life's one of those; imagine a whole set of rules made in that same mold now...! Oh, damn - typed that three-letter word again: ''now''... Well, that's enough... now! Over - and out!)

(UPDATE: Facebook reports that, indeed, it no longer is! Originally it read ''Drinking and boats don't mix!'' and featured... aw... better not describe it! Just try looking it up on FB, maybe? It was originally posted on Saturday, December 27, 2014 - and the original poster was indeed ''Bit** Laws''!
Oh, and for the record: all I had during the blogging of this post was... agua ardente!)

Drinking and boats don't mix!
Posted by Bitch Laws on Saturday, December 27, 2014

Here is now, then, as compensation for the botched punchline (blame it on FB!!!) - some more Aquaficionadas... what else...!

Margot Robbie - aka Harley Quinn and Jane, says: 
<<Fish are our friends, not dinner!>> 
Finny Friends, Margot - FINNY!

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