Thursday, January 28, 2016

Phil Fish... RIP

Not since the time when Paul Norris - the Aqua Man - passed away himself, have we here, at aquamusings, found it any less... aquamusing. Phil Fish a.k.a. Salvatore a.k.a. Abe Vigoda has just left us... He's a favorite of ours - that's all there is to say about it (hey, the name's Luciano - eh? And while he was Phil Fish, he was Salvatore too...) 

A bit of disambiguation is needed though 
-always, in these days of disinformation- 
-and mass confusion on the world wide web!-
so, let us begin by diffusing it a bit 
(as Abe used to, back in the day, 
when rumors were rampant he had already passed away 
when he clearly had not quite yet...!)
and let us begin with an iota of semantics...

We find it... mildly aquamusing -indeed- that the name 
''Phil Fish'' 
is set to live on, still, for the newest generations... 
In a completely different field - 
worn by a completely differently character, too:

Yet, somehow... 
That is comforting. 

Nothing is forever, though -  nothing and no one.

Creativity can beget some form of immortality 
- in the earthly sense of the word, anyways...
We believe, at aquamusings, that Abe 
surely inspired the wondrous creation called 
''Abe Sapien''

(another one of our favorites!)
(green one - on the left!)
(or on the right - in the clip below!)

Okay, maybe it was another Abe altogether:

Abe Sapien - and Aquaman again. 
On a different team - together again for the first time! 
They sure do appear to be aligning a hell of a lot 
(no pun intended and no offense, Hellboy...) 
(in various fan fic pieces of note, found on the web...)
for two underwater guys who have never met, officially...
But that is another story...

Let's just hope Abe Vigoda's first meeting with Our Lord 
will not be as awkward as Aquaman's was, here, in jest...

...but speaking of walking...

Dedicated to THE Phil Fish.

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