Sunday, March 22, 2015

World Water Day

Today is World Water Day - and we would be remiss, here, at aqua musings, if we did not, well... at least save water today? We'll skip a shower today - there!  We'll be blogging instead...!

Do your part, too!  Don't be a dumba$$ Sub-Mareener - who only thinks of himself and what is hidden in his speedos whenever he sees one Susan Storm Richards! Don't be like a privateer, buccaneer or some other unfortunate queer scavenging the seven seas - for they view the sea as only a means of transportation of their loot, that's all!  Finally -and most unfortunate of all- don't be an Aquaman! Yes! DON'T! It pains us to say this, especially on this day and all, but when we see the one and only AQUA-MAN simply NOT saying A THING about this momentous day, whether on his Facebook page, via that shrine devoted to his legend (!) or quite simply through the toilet - well... it hurts!  It hurts real bad!  It would be like the Hamburglar letting us all down, once it was Hamburger Day and he just would not pull a Robin Hood on his employer and steal those cheap burgers and distribute them to the poor saps who would eat them... for example.

There is only one word that can sum up what we feel in this absence of any official AQUA word from the Aquaman himself on this extremely important, extremely special day - and it is...

You got that right, AquaCartoonMan - 
this is an outrage!

WORLD... WATER.. DAY... And the one man who knows best what the value of it truly is remains totally mum on the subject?  Mum's the word? Well, mum is not the world - the real world, that is - thank God! Since...well, way back... March 22nd has been the time to try and make an unconscious world very much conscious about this great challenge ahead of us: FOR WATER IS LIFE and to contemplate a planet without enough of it is to stare DEATH STRAIGHT IN... well, the eye socket, really.  (Don't tell me you believed that ''death'' could be an entity such as the voluptuous, even though sickly pale and bony at best one depicted in the Neil Gaiman, DC-Vertigo tall tales - now did you?!?  What is your problem, sailors? Sirens and mermaids are not your cup of java anymore? Lusting after Mera is too painful now that you fully realize you can never have her? Harley Quinn is not enough weirdness-made-woman for you? Well - let's just not go there right now...!)


Because we are that close to the Aquapocalypse folks - I tell ya...!

But don't simply add to the outrage now...

... buying some pricey, trendy coffee from the EVIL SIREN there; 
sipping it casually, like you would do on any other day, 

You better not flush once you go take a leak 
some twenty minutes later...!

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