Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day 2015

How cute of Google: 
click on the Doodle, make the Earth spin! 
Click anywhere else on the Google Doodle, 
and you are propelled towards a quiz 
that will test your knowledge about 
uh, well... not quite Earth Day topics, no!

Come back here whenever you want! 
See if I care...?!?
I know he doesn't...

Well, you know:
he didn't say anything about 
on his Facebook page - 
why would one expect anything 
on EARTH DAY... huh?
The only thing, maybe, we can expect from him 
is this indeed: since we are the cause 
of all that ice melting 
and the polar bears seeing their home 
and native land dwindle to nothingness 
right from underneath their paws, 
good ol' AQ will certainly 
do his part in relocating the bears 
right onto Terra Firma...!
(Seeing as the latter would be 
one of his aliases -oddly enough- 
according to this...?!?
Don't ask...!
IT'S DC.) 

Courtesy of Wikipedia - DC - and that Print Screen button!

Yes, of course, like a 1001 other super-duper heroes 
of make-believe four-color land (s) 
-especially those born during World War II-
this one has had plenty of time to collect 
quite the long and diversified compendium 
of names or titles to go by...
<<Marine Marvel>> 
is so ironic - 
it may be to get back at 
the darn competition, 
as they stole Captain Marvel? 
Anything is possible... 
King of the Seven Seas 
is the most often used one...
The shortened version has become 
an alternate title of choice: 
Sea King. 
<<Aquatic Ace>> 
alas, reeks of old-time comic-booky... 
<<Dweller in the Depths>> 
was just a phase he was going through... 
He was stricken with amnesia! 
And it led to his apparent death! 
But he recuperated from that - 
almost as awkwardly as 
Hal Jordan & Barry Allen 
-his JLA buddies- 
also did... 
is his Atlantean name - 
one of his ancestors` name, 
It better be left unused...
(The ``Seaman`` jokes 
aren`t enough, DC...???) 
But this whole 
<<Terra Firma>> 
Makes no sense at all! 
He must have been 
or something - 
of course! 
Some corny old tale 
from the 1970s, 
when he was typically 
misused; probably 
a guest-appearance... 
No need to look it up! 

Although it is possible DC 
would want to sell you 
their entire back issue library 
- in digital form now! 

The different looks and faces 
of this hero, then...

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