Monday, June 15, 2015

Se7en Seas... Or What

Seven this, seven that - and people forget the seven seas' plight, with all that?!?  Summer is upon us (technically, we're almost there! My favorite solstice will always be summer!) and there are a plethora of projects floating around out there, all of which drawing the attention upon what constitutes, officially, over 70% of our planet...

But the focus on the important questions is only marginal at best.

Sea creatures are washing up on the shores, the underground water reserves are depleted, the ecosystems are beyond chaotic - and all we saw, massively spoken of in various media, was a Spongebob movie, so far...

Cousteau Junior's IMAX film is actually being upstaged by an ugly cartoon sponge!

And then there is all that ''Unite The Seven'' stuff...

It's not ''Superman vs Batman'' - you dweebs! 
It's ''Batman v. Superman'' 
- with Aquaman having a good laugh 
over it all; just before he impales 
the both of them with the trident!
Can you say ''aquashish-kebab''...?

The Seven Five has got to be the exclamation mark now...

It is not all bad, of course: we are making some progress in our ways to ignore the seas' plight and simply pass over it - look at this: the JOJO Bay Bridge is opened! The world's longest sea bridge - some 42 kilometers, is it- in the Shandong province, in the east of China...

I won't even get started on China now: 
with all that they do...
I will just wrap up with my new hashtag creation:
(The dollar stores' worst nightmare!)
(But that's another story...)

the Worlds Longest #JOJO_Bridge had been opened for the #Traffic :) :) Must Watch the Video
Posted by Malik Tajamul Hayat Khan on Tuesday, March 24, 2015


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