Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Aqua Force - part 5

All characters used here are, for the most part, TM and copyrighted to DC Comics Inc.

For the coming months - and that would make up a whole lot of monthly issues too; just not sure how much "DCU TIME" that would be... Hypertime NOT factored in! *lol* - the Aqua Force would embark several epic storylines all superimposed, one upon the other, and deeply intetwined (obviously) and interconnected... One threat would not be dealt with completely yet that ANOTHER would rear its unsightly head! Those events would force (no pun intended) the team to split up into two or three in order to handle it all! Solo adventures for Aquaman, Tuatara and several other *key* members of the team would still be possible hence - further more, it would eventually lead to something significant, structure-wise (around issue number fifty - one always has to do something nifty for fifty!) - for now there would be an Aqua Force Atlantic and an Aqua Force Pacific! Sorry for the other three oceans and the Sargasso Sea...! Maybe at the NEXT expansion... eh? ;)
(The Dead Sea though holds no hope to ever get one of its own - nothing ever happens there! *lol* Yeah - another funny I just HAD to make... I know! Too obvious... I plead guilty!)

Aquaman would stay in the Atlantic - while his father would be the logical choice to lead the Pacific team (originally, I had selected Tuatara, of course - him hailing from New Zealand and all...! But that conflicted with OTHER PLANS I HAD FOR HIM... so, it is good to have Atlan around! Tuatara can always commute! He's a world class hero - IN MY BOOK, he is! DC just forgot that he used to be a bonafide/genuine "Global Guardian", and all - that's all... :(
Digressing again - sorry!)

The two teams would continue to have adventures that would span not only the seas but the cosmos... Guest appearances by the far future's own Aquaman ("AQUAMAN ONE MILLION" - he who always feels like a million bucks, always...! Right...) via the presence of WAVERIDER... A confrontation with Vandal Savage via a guest-appearance of the Sea Devils, the Forgotten Heroes and Animal Man (who all belonged together at one point - along with Dolphin - as Forgotten Heroes indeed! Some are really "untapped potential heroes" though...!) and the heralded return of... Captain Compass! (Please, don't ask who...!) It's really not so bad - I also wanted to bring back Cal Durham as well! And now, the idea that Captain Compass would provide maritime transport for the mysterious mystics comprising the Sentinels of Magic - especially the likes of Madame Xanadu, Doctor Occult and Alan Scott the original Green Lantern; so this would make THAT luminous team-up possible. ;)
(And if I may find a way to work in an improbable series of impossible crossovers... with Seaguy, Sea Dragon, Roman, Atalon, Namorita, The Inhumans' Triton, Splash (no, not Daryl Hannah), Fathom I, Fathom II, Full Fathom Five (getting carried away here I think... *lol*) - heck, even the LXG's Captain Nemo, Popeye, Sinbad and Ulysses if I can! Hmm... I think I forgot somebody here - but who? Hmm... some subaltern, surely... ;)

A Starman / Aquaman meeting (clash - they always clash first, super-heroes...!) would be great at this conjoncture too...
The epic involving Darkseid and Poseidon would go here, of course - the Aqua Force would square off more efficiently with the various criminal sub-groups from Apokolips than even Orion and the so-called "New Gods" ever did! Deep Six... Female Furies... Mantis, Kalibak & Steppenwolf... DeSaad and the Parademons... and the Demolition Crew! (D.C. - right? The Wrecking Crew are on the other side - the competitor, Marvel! I always wanted to concoct a nod to the late, lamentable AND lamented Defenders they used to have there... but not the first rag-tag line-up of characters hastily put together - no! The team that matched the brawn of the W.C. in the Wreckers vs Defenders mélée... and only did so by buying the services of one "hero for hire" that happened to be available that day! No such humiliating resortments here - any four of my Force can tango with the D.C. any day of the week! And twice on Sunday, as they say... Yessir...!)

The Deep Six (Slig, Gole, Pyron, Shaligo, Jaffar, Trok) would be, actually, consistent and persistent quarries for Tuatara, my new version of Seaquake, my new Liquidator and a couple more of my own characters... Oh - and since DC has no respect for some characters it views as expendable and kills them off senselessly, just for drama's sake (this while resurrecting their favorites after a mere few years in limbo...) I would bring back Hydrik, Seagrin and the original Forager as well as the Forever People (makes sense - they are "Forever"!) from the grips of death! When in the "Fourth World", you know...! (Follow the same logic as in the expression "when in Rome" and just go along with it - willya...!)

On a parallel with all that - some political relevancy as, back on Earth but on the surface, the fictional country of Quraq would invade Cerdia - which is still "property of Atlantis"... And, on another front, civil unrest in various cities of the Atlantean Alliance... mainly in the seldom used (make that "never used except once in a flashback only!") Tlapallan... All things to keep the Sea King busy and help him to "delegate" responsability... The new direction DC is about to give the AQUAMAN series will have the main character relegated to mere recurring cameo status IN HIS OWN BOOK... At least I had planned a TEAM BOOK with many stars - of which he would always be the most important one!


Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

Ah yes...
ALSO "when in Apokolips" (or when on the Fourth World - which is NOTHING like the Third World...) - JEZEBELLE!

ALL characters my Atlanteans simply have got to meet!

And maybe butt heads with... maybe!


3:24 PM  
Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

Speaking of IZAYA...
The erstwhile alleged "Highfather" of New Genesis (sic) is seen often now hanging with ZEUS, PHANTOM STRANGER, GANTHET and I forget who else...

The Quintessence they are...


I only have respect for Phantom Stranger in there - because he is, most likely, an angel from Heaven who was temporarily stripped of his wings... (as per an origin tale for him, penned by Alan Moore - back when HE MADE SENSE.)

A true quintessential cast of larger-than-life mystery men would have to include THE SPECTRE - who is, allegedly, "the wrath of God" personified (HA).

If Zeus is there - why not other fake gods of his rank, huh?
(Again, Poseidon has cause not to be happy...)

Ganthet is no better than Oberon in my book - just another one of the SEVEN DWARVES if you ask me...

I'll get back on this... when I remember who the fifth guy of this quaint Quintessence is...

3:32 PM  

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