Sunday, March 12, 2017

Aqua Commerce

Spring Break and Summer Heat right around the corner - or so we dream... If it neither comes fast enough, we can always come to them - traveling south! Either way, year round, there are so many fine aquatic-themed products out there - you didn`t think we were done blogging about them already, did you? No, of course not... Here are so more gems then - so you may shop until you drop into a mercantile ocean trying to find them all now - sea if we care...

But, first (before the devouring commences!) 
let us have a quick recap 
of the rules of mercantilism now...

Oh... M.A.M.A. 
Shades of AQ`s old O.G.R.E. problems there! 
And then some...! 
But enough delays already - 
let`s go shop!

Those AQUA products appear to be GOOD...

If one can believe the smiles on all of these Aquaficionadas` faces!

The Best (coziest too) and safest way to be an Aquaman:

Ah, at last - a luminous aqua product:

Nice merchandising there, I guess... 
But have a closer look before you BUY:

Something`s OFF with those dimensions...

Blame it on water distortion!

Disproportionate arms there too - no?

Too much Hydro Disc Jamming, I guess...

Sevylor Aqua Lounger - the spokesperson/model seems happy with it!

Mera material? Maybe...
Aquaficionada - for sure! 

``Come on, come on, come on baby now...
Kid`s not smiling though - like, at all!
Reminds me of one of my earliest swimming lessons...
But let`s not get into that - NEXT!

Now ``AQUA... BONES`` is a very... ah... original concept/design product, I would say...

Now that`s a Sea Horse for the rednecks, methinks...! 
Nice to know that it ``stays`` too...

This would be the Aquaficionada Pair... By The Sea clothing line?
Maybe not...

Next: it reminds us of that SNL skit with Phil as Charlton;
(~~unless it`s fish?~~)

And here is the gift that keeps on giving:

Parched after all the hard work?
Have some H2O - after having mopped the floor with it!

Now... what is THIS?!? 
My old team concept come to life - AQUA FORCE?
Aw... no, of course not...
Just Abercrombie & Fitch`s LOGO. DUH.

So many SALES... so little time.

We would be remiss if we didn`t mention three things 
about this *SAIL* here... 
There is a huge SALE going on right now there - indeed. 
(This Baron dude may or may not be part of it...)
The (first) word is a pretty good SONG too - here it is: 

The Awolnation dude is almost - no, actually, he definitely is
more Aquamannish than... y`know-who!

We prefer this version -
we call it the Aquaficionada Remix!

And we would truly be remiss if we did not underline 
the dichotomy... underwater or above waters...

And now... this.

Call it... a public safety message.
And swim away!

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