Friday, July 07, 2017

ANN of the Aquaficionadas!

A.N.N. News is baaaack!!! Like the King Tide; you knew this day would come!  Only this, of course, is the QUEEN TIDE...! Woot! Woot!

And in the news at this hour:

San Clemente surfer brothers are still demanding 
a statue of Paul Walker (not Jay Moriarty) 
adorn their favorite pier down in California...

Kid likes bacon, too...
We hope it is actual bacon - 
not Kevin Bacon!

These bros probably agree with us that Paul was the Aquaman
that never was...

It angers me so much when a life is cut short... 
Paul Walker was King of the Seven Seas...!
But he never got to wear the crown.

... to be the waterbearer!

His message was fit for a Sea King: 
... you'll never hear that nincompoop Namor say that!

Paul *Waterbearer* Walker

... promptly replaced on the Cool Water ad campaign 
by not one but two suave swimmers; 
an Aquaficionada and an Aquaficionado! 
Sly sea dog, that Davidoff...

Oopsy-do - 
those last two are *not* Paul 
(especially not the gal there!) 
- just the two replacements for that 
Davidoff Cool Water campaign indeed... 
that didn't cut it! 
Just like a Jason (Momoa or not) 
cannot replace either Paul 
or even Justin Hartley 
in the role of... you-know-who! 
But he can take it over from 
Alan Ritchson - sure... 
On any given day... 
That last guy, though, is Josh Holloway - 
he was rumored to be taking the Aquaman role 
just before they gave it to Momoa... 
Anybody know who the Cool Water Chick is?

But back to our story... The San Clemente's city council heard the plea from those two surfer dudes... and said no. The bastards. How could they deny this plea to have ''a beacon of headlights that can guide us down a dusty road'' erected for all of the surfer dudes to be awed by it...? And it is a beacon he said - not bacon! To serve as a guide - for all of them careening down them dusty roads out there, on their way down to the beach - to surf! These kids are probably fans of the late, great Dusty Rhodes as well - but that, as our friend and host here would say, is another story! (With all these heroes you have boys... sheesh... where do you find the time to surf?  Just saying... Be careful not to become modern-day idolaters, guys!)  Regardless of all of these other considerations, the story, here, remains at this: the request was made - and it was turned down! But it is not the end of this story - the fight continues! And we will keep you posted of any and all developments, all in due time...

We love Paul - it is obvious. But we love Jay even more. There aren't enough memorials, tributes for, commemorations and/or statues of Jay, if you ask us! If anyone asks *us* it should be a statue of Jay Moriarty on every single pier in America - in the world! At least those where surfing and freediving are allowed... Jay was a better surfer than Paul, Jason, Justin, Josh, Alan and Gerard Butler combined! And a better role-model and a greater inspiration above all - that nobody can deny.

A few months ago, FOX news motormouth Bill O'Reilly dared mock the great Maxine Waters over her... hairstyle, of all things. As if he knew anything about hair - or anything at all, for that water... er, matter! Alas, he dared - on the air! And although he apologized afterwards, the damage was done.

... well, we all know what happened to Bill O'Reilly since then! 
Karma - amped up by aqua here; pure, raw aqua force baby! 

Yuck... We are, admittedly, disgusted with ourselves here; 
news coverage or not, having Bombastic Bill here... 
is just not right! 
He's no Aquaficionado! 
We might as well have that other jerk we mentioned on, 
as well, then; you-know-who... seen on social media, somewhere...

Not even close to the magnificence displayed 
by the innumerable -now- action figures 
and sculpted statuettes even (speaking of statues) 
made in the image of ''AQUAMAN'' - 
better known, really, as the King of the Seven Seas 
(here, on aqua musings anyways, it is the case!) 

We just wish, of course, that the latest adaptation were... 
agh... shall we say... more faithful to the original one? 

And speaking of which...
it is all over the social media and entertainment websites - 
Aquaman and the Justice League are coming!

... clearly ''Mr. Who'' there means B.A. Aquaman 
versus Cheesy Spidey Disney...!

Nah - that cannot be about ''uniting the league'' now...!

We are -ALL- more eagerly anticipating the BIG 
huuuuge SPLASH the advent of a Queen of the Seven Seas 
will have - our perennial ultimate Aquaficionada here, 
reigning dancing and swimming queen 
the one and only... Mera!

Oh yeah, MERA - RAGE... HARD!

*Lol* One wonders what an avowed macho like our Luciano 
would have to say about *this* here...! 
We won't need to find out until next month, surely! *loL*

But there are other 
Aquaficionadas of note 
- out there, at large, in the waters - 
as there are other AQUA - NEWS of 
much greater importance than any film 
that may be coming out soon... 
news report states, 
backed up with scientific findings, 
that refilling one's water bottle is most definitely 
NOT the luminous way to go... 
as somebody we know would say... 
you might as well just drink ''from the toilet'' then! 
''900,000 colony-forming units of bacteria per 
square centimeter were found on a single bottle'' 
and that is only a bonus on top of the 
chemicals that are released as the plastic bottle 
breaks down from the frequent use...
Don't take it from us: and Esquire, which 
took the news and passed it on to... 
or whatever it wants to call itself now!

  and from the *species we want to protect* files...  

  ... and in the Public Services Announcements corner now:  

... not ''bi'' in that way... OK? 
Looks like Michael Phelps...


oh... those footsteps on the beach 
remind us... we promised 
other Aquaficionadas... did we knot?

and an aquaficionado too, 
why not - photographed 
by an Aquaficionada!

Last -but hardly least- 
I, Aqua ANN of the Aquaficionadas 
would truly be remiss 
if I failed to share this work 
from the one and only 
Luminous (\ô/) Luciano... 
especially around #BikiniDay

 T-shirt to be available very soon! 

saying... ciao! So long! Take good care now! 
Swim along now! Shoo! Ciao!

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