Thursday, December 29, 2005

Aqua Force - part 3

All characters used here are, for the most part, TM and copyrighted to DC Comics Inc.

All manners of sea heroes will answer the call to arms of the King of the Seven Seas - they all owe him a favor or two... they all feel like Atlantis is their true native land... they all know they belong there!

My roll-call, originally, was limited to Neptune Perkins, Tsunami, Dolphin, AQUAMAN & MERA (of course), Ronal, Lori Lemaris, Aqualad (yes - he wasn't Tempest yet - or, as I call him, "The Temp-pest" - *lol*) Nuada, Ulla Paske and Tuatara. Now, we can add Noble, Atlan, Deep Blue, Iqula, S'ona, King Shark, that *other* Aquaman (would he replace... Neptune Perkins? Since they apparently allowed The Shark to take a bite out of Ol' NEP in the recent Infinite Crisis... damn you DC!) - heck, I want to include the erstwhile Charybdis aka Piranha Man... since he parted on good terms with Aquaman and all...! (The lone good thing Erik Larsen did during HIS run as Aqua-scribe... but that is another story...). And there would be more... the Sea Devils! Rodunn! Spought! Topo! Tusky! Aquaduck! (Okay - admittedly, I am getting carried away here... but, since DC was inane enough to include Captain Carrot and his erstwhile Zoo Crew into the aforementioned Infinite Crisis... I guess I could say here "why not Aquaduck?" - huh?)

I hesitate to unwrap some of my OWN CHARACTERS here... but they would be appearing here as well! What better time to have them come out into the spotlight (out of the woodwork - or, more appropriately, out of the coral reefs?) than NOW - when the more the merrier to fight for and win back Atlantis?

They would replace one big chunk missing here - and that is entirely attributable to DC's inane retcons! The raw power of (appropriately named enough indeed) Power Girl is denied to Atlantis' cause now... as she has no longer any ties to the fabled continent! She was once Arion's grand-daughter (and kissing cousins with Aquaman!) - but that sure has been changed! She may be back into being Superman's cousin again... or Supergirl's butch clone... lest they really went for gold this time and made her Uber-Bat's long-lost adopted ward-to-be...?!? Frankly, my dear DC, I don't give a damn! She never fit in Atlantis - she is no Mera! *lol*
My own characters (one a "secret descendent" of an Atlantean who lived on the SURFACE WORLD FOR DECADES... long before Aquaman appeared...!) fit in much better in a "return home to the fabled lost continent" scenario... Yup...

While Aquaman is assembling his army, Ocean Master's assemblage is wreaking havoc with all that Atlantis had established as "diplomatic relations" with the surface world... They sink ships, plunder them, make sure to drown any survivors... that sort of sickening thing! They are not just content with Cerdia as an outpost on the surface - they want to conquer more and more of the surface... and sink any opposition! They hire mercenaries - such as the Deep Six and Female Furies - to do some preventive work... by attacking the truly formidable opposition to be expected soon; the Justice League! Yes... Darkseid looks on approvingly of this... and so does somebody else with great power...

Once all assembled, the army Aquaman has raised attacks Atlantis on two different fronts - with the Lady of the Lake herself creating a diversion for them, on top of that! Even Spartacus and Braveheart wouldn't have done any better! Roughly two issues would be devoted to the battle itself - and at the end of it... AQUAMAN HAS REGAINED HIS KINGDOM... and his army, though it suffers some casualties, will remain as a permanent team... the AQUA FORCE!


Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

And, in the course of the first few dozen issues of AQUA FORCE, I would have introduced, one by one, a plethora of villainous menaces WORTHY of a sea hero ~ of Atlantis ~ of the High Seas!

I could never understand how Aquaman was given five lame villains for each acceptable foe he had...!

The sea - in and by itself - inspires me dozens of mysterious personages... as it also does give me ideas for exotic settings where the royal couple could pursue their tumultuous and torrid relationship... ;)

Speaking of which, I had other couples in mind (and those did NOT include Nuada & Atlan - that was a rather recent pairing that appeared quite normal to me!) - as I do not think too badly of "soap opera elements" in the midst of an adventure series... It adds spice, gives the hero a drive, a raison d'être and to fight on... Plus, the inherent sensuality of the sea simply has to be exploited! Curvaceous ladies such as Mera, Tsunami, Nuada, Ulla Paske, Lorena and the rest simply have to be pursued by the loves of their lives! Nothing quite as good as the old "pursuit and denial" love saga when it is being played out ON THE SEA!
Think of the old Angélique, Marquise des Anges series of books and movies... which featured a gallant sea man by the name of Le Rescator - privateer de son état...

Besides - I am a former fan of Brazilian telenovelas... so... you had to expect some of this stuff injected into here!

1:09 PM  
Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

Back to the villains though...

Half of the plans I had involved bringing back old foes - but in a new, daring and mysterious way! Those included the likes of "Alienna & Ka'arl" (quarries in serious need of revamping - and of new names as well!) - "Dagon" (a Lovecraft-inspired name is his only saving grace, really... *lol*) - and a complete reworking of the Fisherman...

For the OTHER HALF of the villainy that the Force would be combatting worldwide, I had very nifty plans indeed - making ample use, again, of the mystery aura that the sea has always had. And we do not have to confine ourselves to the Bermuda Triangle to get that mysterious aura either...!

So, yes - a lot of uncanny powers unleashed that only AQUAMAN and his Force could realistically handle with any kind of effectiveness... because Uber-Bat, his Outsiders and his League are... well, out of their league completely here!

And the Sentinels of Magic, though frequent guest-stars (either as a group or individually) would also be out of their element this time...

Hence, the AQUA FORCE would be the only team able to get the job done here! As in ANY business - one has to supply the DEMAND... right?

Those who doubt that there would be much of a demand for a whole team of aquamen have obviously never found themselves in a Titanic-like "accidental re-enactment" - nor have they enough imagination to appreciate an undersea environment that reeks of enchantment and utopia... Too bad, for they miss out on TRUE ESCAPISM...

Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™

1:28 PM  
Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano™ said...

even though entirely out of the question, if and when an Aqua Force would come to be, nowadays, it would have a very different line-up... and leader figure too!

AQUAMAN has taken on different controversial aspects since my earliest plans, that is for damn sure: ``EMPEROR AQUAMAN`` alone saw him become an adulterer, impaler and destroyer of the world! That whole Flashpoint story turned everything on its head - and it was necessary due to so many dudes being blind to the true potential of characters such as Aquaman (but also, virtually, every other ``too familiar for his own good`` super-type that becomes bland in the public eye because of that; fandom stops expecting anything new from these since they figure they know all there is to know about them already and that it is as good as it is likely to get!)

Hence, the AQUA FORCE of the 21st Century would be... visceral in its fight for the safety and preservation of the seas!

Along with several of my own creations...

Let`s just say this: they would be MERCILESS.

As for the ladies, the new takes on Mera, Dolphin, Nuada, Letifos, Lorena (Aquagirl) and my very own plans for Tsunami, Ulla Paske and Lisa Morel would have to be PERFECT - and they were (my plans, that is, were! Strong-willed, determined, persuasive beautiful females that could get the job done all on their own; those would be the female members of the Force! Of course! They`d even show Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batwoman just how to truly be SUPER!)

The oceans need some serious defense; it is no joke. And these guys would provide it.

If only in fiction.

10:23 AM  

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