Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Aqua Force - part 4

All characters used here are, for the most part, TM and copyrighted to DC Comics Inc.

Aquaman's NEW ATLANTEAN CONFEDERATION is initiated so that NOTHING like this recent (and just neutralized) very hostile takeover of the main city of the fabled continent can EVER take place AGAIN... "It is in the best interest of all undersea colonies as in that of the surface world itself. With a full-time Force, active and on the watch permanently, patrolling the seas - NONE of these tragic sinkings would have taken place!" says Aquaman in an official transmission to all underwater major centres.

Thus, the undersea cities of Thierna Na Oge, Hy-Brasil, Sub Diego, Venturia/Aurania, Tritonis, Poseidonis and MORE (even... New Venice?) - each will send a representative to adhere to this "Force" and represent their city; both as an ambassador and also as a full-time "patroller of the seas" as Aquaman recommended. A new representative is sent for Thierna Na Oge - since they ousted Nuada from their midst. Nuada though is in Atlantis with Aquaman and his group - and is the love interest of Atlan!

The United Nations however - and the outside world in general - gets it all upside down again... and assumes that this "confederation" must be the bad guys still, those who just perpetrated so many atrocious acts... crimes on the High Seas... and that they must be gearing up to do some more! Hence... they call for help! Who are they gonna call, to interfere? No - not the ghostbusters indeed... You've guessed what I'm leading to here... yes...


The League's membership is in constant evolution (lest it is turmoil!) - so it is truly hard to guess who would be around and in active duty with the League at any given time when THIS story would be possible... but one can always script the most-desired match-ups one would want to see played out...
Not to humiliate Uber-Bat too much, but it is "old man of the sea" Neptune Perkins that gets the honor to square off against Batman. Nep tells things to Bats right like they are - "you are no Flying Fox! HE had powers - I do NOT fear YOU!" So much for thy wondrous costume doing half the work for you, eh Bats? Other probable match-ups would have been:

Mera versus Faith
Tuatara versus The Flash
Ulla Paske versus Wonder Woman
Nuada versus Manitou Raven
Piranha Man versus Green Lantern (it could be Tempest too - but the match-up I want would be much more interesting... the Temp-pest is just boh-ring... if you get what I'm screaming!)
Dolphin The Enchantress versus The Huntress
Hy-Brasilian Guardian versus Martian Manhunter
And if Tempest absolutely must be around; then he would face Metamorpho! With a little help from Tula`s ghost...! And Letifos! Aquagirl Lorena with that?
(More match-ups, if necessary, later! Really though... The League would not think -in its usually condescending ways- that MORE effectives would be required... Leaving them outnumbered as my Force could have them all tagged 2 or even 3 to 1...! Plus, the League is completely out of its element - truly "out of its league"! *LOL* Sorry - couldn't resist!)

And the main event, of course - Aquaman versus Superman!
The dialogue between these two would be simply fascinating to script - it would go something like this...
Superman: "We have come to ask you to explain what has happened and what is happening - the League and I personally respect you Aquaman... we know we can talk this out..."
Aquaman: "You sure have a warped sense of respect... your "super buddies" invade my kingdom and attack my people and allies - and that will NOT be tolerated!"
Superman: "Why do you mock the League, Aquaman? You are one of us...!"
Aquaman: "I WAS one of you - I am king first and foremost; and I now have a League of my own! Or can't you see that? Where has the vaunted super-vision gone to?"
Superman: "I do not like your tone, old friend..."
Aquaman: "You are INVADING MY KINGDOM. The last bunch that did just that did not like my tone either... and they were disposed of accordingly too! You will NOT threaten me or any of my people, Kryptonian - I am an Atlantean! Every bit as good as you are - and even better! If I unleash the magicks within this kingdom on you, you will no longer be the Last Man from Krypton... you will no longer be anything! And this time, I'd wager you would NOT find your way back to the land of the living..."
Superman: "YOU are threatening ME...?"
Aquaman: "You have trespassed - and your fellow League members are assaulting my allies... I just told you that the LAST BUNCH THAT DID THAT WAS DEALT WITH... And I dealt with them as I shall deal with you now - with NO MERCY!"
Superman: "You cannot stop me - and you know it!"
Aquaman: "That is what YOU THINK - reality is a little different outside of your Fortress of Solitude..." (awaiting to see Supes make the first move - or baiting him to do so, more precisely... when he does not, AQ adds...) "What are you waiting for? You expect me to be foolish enough to make the first move... to attack you head on? I am king... it is beneath me to do so!"
Superman: "We don't have to do this... this way!"
Aquaman: "You didn't have to come here either - didn't you ever hear of calling first? You had a question to ask - you could have asked me using the old JLA communications device! But no - you and that insufferable dark knight detective and the rest of you had to show off again! Well - it is time you all be taught a lesson - FOR THE AGES!"
A mental blast temporarily stuns Superman - long enough so that he cannot use his super-speed, super-this and super-that... and, especially, his heat vision! Aquaman then picks up his seldom-used trident (which he won from Poseidon himself - did he not) and blasts Superman with the full firepower of it - sending the Son of Krypton flying, only not the way he's used to...!
And when Supesy snaps out of it and flies by for more - Atlan casts a spell on him that Aquaman promises NOT to take off the super oaf with his water-hand nullifier of all magic spells - UNLESS THE LEAGUE HIGH-TAILS IT OUT OF THERE - "NOW!"
Call it a draw - and nobody got hurt... too much.
Except some uber-prides... ;)


Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano™ said...

Different eras conjure up different match-ups; and with the ever-changing roll calls for the League...!

It would generate only more chances to put the stinking, polluting ``surface-dwelling scum`` back in its proper place!

Match-ups I would love to have done:

LIQUIDATOR mopping the floor with ORION

MERA trouncing BATWOMAN...

TUATARA delivering the mother of all beatings to DOCTOR FATE...

And several of my own characters taking on the likes of Takion... The Ray... Cyborg... Black Canary... Vixen... Or any of the criminals of habit the League (in its infinite BATTYNESS - and proclivity to create calamitous crisis situations all on their own!) has admitted into its ranks over the years: Major Disaster, Captain Cold, Heatwave, Killer Frost, Catwoman!


Is it supposed to send out a good, uplifting, positive message - is that it? That criminals -anyone, for that matter- can turn things around in their lives and CHANGE FOR THE BEST! (Hey, look here: I used to be incarcerated in Belle Reve; now, I am living the life and made a dream come true fighting for justice alongside this guy who dresses like a BAT! Ugh!)

That`s not what I would call like a hopeful thing for the future, DC - not even in the context of the world that is encompassed within the DCU...

My creations were all interesting shades of gray: but at least none of them had criminal records! They would take down your latest batch of reformed criminals WITH EASE.

(And yeah: I still have the bad taste in mind left by the allegedly reformed Scavenger back in the early 90s...)


11:07 AM  
Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano™ said...

What about LOBO, you ask, aqua-folksies?

HEY - he may be a scumbag, but he has ONE redeeming quality: he loves dolphins!

My kind of scumbag: he gets a free pass!

Besides all that, the cartoon show YOUNG JUSTICE has had alleged Aqualad ``K`al Dur`hamm`` (or whatever the spelling of his name has morphed to!) take on just about EVERYBODY... and coming out on top!

AQUAMAN himself has finally been positioned in the top tier of DC characters, capable of slaughtering ANYONE - including Superman (with the trident or kryptonite collected from the bottom of the sea! If not, some magic or the good old telepathic seizure trick will do the job...) and Cyborg, whom he did tear apart limb from limb in FLASHPOINT.

I had never asked for so much... violence, actually!

As King of the Seven Seas, he should have simply made them all bow in his presence - and let none dare to lay a hand on his royal person!

Sort of the same thing as JESUS, KING OF KINGS... when He Returns!

Blasphemous Aquaman, va...!

Rodunn did refer to him as a Jesus figure, during Dan Jurgens` run on the series - and THAT, for the record here, was TOO MUCH.

I do not condone it - AT ALL.

But the KING comparison fits - makes it easier to explain to you, my aqua people...


11:17 AM  

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