Friday, June 09, 2006

abc jumpstarts the wb plans for aqua...

As the Smallville "unofficial spin-off" is still in development - you know which one; the show built around a blond boy tied into aqua (but never to be referred to as "aquaman" - heaven or really TV executives forbid!) and a lighthouse and half-a-dozen "teens with issues" (must be their super powers...) - the tired and soon-to-be-rechristened WB must be damning the P.T.B.s (or even... DC?) that one of the three "old networks" was fleet-feeted enough to go right ahead and put on the airwaves a similar show in no time at all! And it's going to be on on Monday nights too! (Wow - more competition for those who cater to the pathetic demographics that, traditionally, go for the WWE product then, or used to go for WCW.. or the Rollergirls on A&E of all places... Or some other brainless alleged source of "fun"! One more reason to hate Mondays, I say...)
So, okay, this show was around already and its RETURN is really what has WB execs fuming - for if a niche is already covered and full, there is no point trying now...! Besides, this is a Canadian show - which is doubly annoying for the American conglomerate that is Warner Bros.!

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No Falcon Crest!
And no "AQUAMAN-without-being-called-Aquaman-SHOW" either!
"A NEW ABC FAMILY ORIGINAL SERIES" they call it - rrrright.
It looks like the "abc aquaman" to me!
They're only missing a redhead or two for that certain "caché"...
Oh well - as long as this "falcon beach" here is clear of nerdy pale dingbats and haughty irksome overrated geeks inexplicably and illogically made out to be stronger than they realistically should or even could ever be...!
The ghost of matriarch Jane Wyman might be on that beach though - rather than Annette Funicello! Or even... Acquanetta!!!
No one in this cast seems apt to swim like an Esther Williams, alas - especially not the neurotic bitchy brunette of service there...!
The blonde is not as neurotic as Sylvie Fréchette, a renowned swimmer, which is odd to me - and she has a lot of a Courtney Thorne-Smith feel to her, and THAT is even ODDER considering that Courtney is an avid and outspoken Aquaman fan! (Jay Leno even found her a rare collectible Aquaman Mego doll from the 1970s when she was on his show - and she was going gaga over it during the interview! The big kid that she is...)
The blond dude... is just that - a blond dude! Without the myth of Atlantis and the special abilities - oh, and the orange & green colors - any blond guy would be bland! Any guy - period! Hair is not enough here...
Speaking of which... Baldy Lex won't try his luck and catch the blazing sun on his cranium here - ever! And the blue-eyed smalltown ubermensch won't show up here either!
Who knows - maybe abc does have a hit here?!?
Melrose Place meets Baywatch...?!?
It,s all in the timing of the show's launch - and this is summer fare alright!
Stranger things have happened in TV land...
I only question the wisdom of the title chosen...
Wouldn't "Cormorant Beach" have been more logical?
How many falcons do you know that take to water like ducks do?
Aside from that, this gamble might be pay off - just like any other can on network television, for a time...


Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

WB's Aquaman Dead in the Water
Posted By: Jerrica / Source
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It was over before it even really began for The WB's Aquaman television show. "Mercy Reef" was conceived after the special guest appearance of A.C. (Arthur Curry AKA Aquaman) on The WB's superseries "Smallville" sent a tidal wave through the show's heavily supermythological fifth season. Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, the creators of "Smallville" and writers of "Spider-Man II," were developing the new Aquaman series based on the success of A.C.'s appearance in the episode "Aqua" as a love interest of Lois Lane, archenemy of Lex Luthor, and rival turned friend of Clark Kent.

According to the report from Variety, the series was to star Justin Hartley (from the TV soap "Passions") as Aquaman along with Denise Quinones (a "Smallville" alum from the Season 5 episode "Vengeance") and Ving Rhames (the "Mission: Impossible" movies). But, it was the wrong place and the wrong time. Even though a pilot was filmed, the plans for a series were premature given the deal The WB and UPN would make come season's end.

The two networks joined forces to become The CW, a new channel that would carry the shows of both former channels, allowing the networks to reach many areas where only one of the networks was available before and certain deals had to be struck to air each other's shows. With the advent of The CW, there was a new mutually beneficial agreement, but the huge downfall was that each side had to cut their fall rosters in half to fit the best of both worlds into The CW's schedule.

Competition for timeslots was fierce and only the strongest survived. Having never had the chance to make the tiniest splash, Aquaman did not make the fall lineup. However, The WB's big superhero success story "Smallville" and it's new companion for Thursday nights, the fresh cult sensation "Supernatural," made the cut as two of the best teen dramas to air in recent memory, forging their unique mark on enjoyable sci-fi/fantasy/horror television.

"Mercy Reef" was simply not meant to be. Aquaman would be better served as a movie anyway. If the networks were to take any cue from "Smallville" for a spin-off series, the good money would be on The Flash, whose guest appearance on "Smallville" in the fourth season episode "Run" showcased runaway potential for his own spotlight. Since "Smallville" is to "Lois & Clark" what a young Flash series would be to the 1990 TV show "The Flash," that seems to be where The WB really missed the train. That was ground that a network could stand on, whereas Aquaman never quite seemed like it had the serial possibilities that would be necessary to keep a television show afloat to survive a converging effort like The CW.

While it is certainly the kind of thing that makes a fan wonder "what if" as well as what could have been, this is probably for the better, and better still, Aquaman is now free to delve into the deeper waters of the big screen rather than making a quick splash on TV. Removing the pressure of staying fresh and interesting episode to episode, a movie would mean better special effects, higher production values, and grander superheroics. A dip into television could have been refreshing for a while, but it would eventually turn into perpetual play in a pond. Why not go straight for the cinematic ocean? So, Arthur Curry won't be on the small screen, but hopefully this isn't the last we hear of Aquaman.

10:24 PM  
Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

Aquaman Film Talks
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Sandy Collora, a short film maker, told that he is interested in filming a Aquaman film. I'm not sure if he knows what he would be getting into because most of the film would have to be all shot underwater or done in almost all CGI. If he chose the CGI route it would become very pricey. Here is what he had to say about it.

"I'd actually like a crack at Aquaman... I'm a total water rat. I love to surf, dive, fish and be on the ocean (when I'm not jumping out of planes or off buildings, mind you.) I've shot a bunch of big budget, underwater commercials with "Abyss" and "Saving Private Ryan" underwater camera man, Peter Romano and we've talked about working together on a feature, I think together with my visual FX and stunt team, we'd come up with some pretty amazing stuff and present the Sea King like he's never been seen before... It'd be an interesting challenge", he says.

"But I'm a pretty loyal DC fan, always have been, but I read a few Marvel titles though... I like Spectacular Spiderman, X men, Captain America, and the Ultimates. JLA/ Avengers is really good too... I'm also quite fond of the old Vision and Scarlet Witch series, that would make a great movie. The new Invaders just came out last week, and I really like that, I loved it when I was a little kid. That was actually one of the first comics I remember actually reading."


Oh - great.
A redundant comic reader (and likely strictly that?) is the one who wants the most to do this...
As long as he uses Paul (not Sky but Sea) Walker in the title role - THE actor who wants to play it SERIOUSLY...!!!

10:32 PM  
Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

Oh - wait! There's more people out there (more fish in the sea?) who "want to do it"...

Aquaman Movie under Development
Posted By: / Source
Related News : Action Movie News , Comic Flicks

Film Jerk has learned that Sunrise Entertainments Alan and Peter Riche are bringing Aquaman to the big screen for Warner Bros. Pictures. Aquaman is based off of DCs comic book series. Ben Grant, a first time scribe, will be writing the screen play.

Well the only competition this movie will have will be Marvels Namor film. Hopefully they won't come out at the same time. That would be too much merman for anyone to handle..

Still a far cry from the James Caneron work "prophetized" in HBO's Entourage...

Too much merman, eh?
This biased reporter must be alluding to the He-Man movie, which should feature classic He-Man villain Merman in it! Also: Spongebob Squarepants - the movie! Aquamarine - that mermaid chick flick... All those Pirates wild at sea movies that come out around summertime... The probable but unlikely extremely late sequels to DEEP BLUE SEA... THE DEEP... and DEEPSTAR SIX... (hey - they waited a looooooooooooong time to do sequels to Basic Instinct, Les Bronzés, that first Star Wars trilogy and even that wretched Superman! ANYTHING i spossible, really, in idea-bankrupt Tinseltown... But I digress...)

10:39 PM  

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