Saturday, September 09, 2017

Aquatic Odds & Ends

... with A.N.N! Aquaficionada Extraordinaire! (ANA for the intimates!) once again, thanks for the use of your blog, Luminous Luciano!
and here is her latest, greatest most insightful yet- luminous review of what's making AQUA NEWS around the globe... all seven seas... five oceans... innumerable rivers - the works!  You'll be all up-to-date after she is through with you! - L(\ô/)L

Hello there! Let's get going ASAP 
- shall we? 
And that means... pronto! 

Do you want to see some gorgeous aquatic art -photographic and otherwise; but mainly photography - and, perhaps, even purchase some as well? Then go to Underwater Utopia asap! (On FB!)

Remember Octomom? We do! Click on the link to get a much-needed update on that most courageous single mother Aquaficionada...! (Or just keep scrolling right here...!)

... it is 14 kids, actually...

Everybody loves bodypaint cosplays - right? 
A mere Google search will make you stumble across and all over some pretty amazing ones indeed: 

 In Other News: 

This cannot be the reason why they recently FIRED 
the voice of Kermit - for almost 40 years he did that -
and they just unceremoniously axed him - now is it?!? 
Disney cannot possibly dislike Costa Ricans so much?  
As for ''Inky'' there - 
well, more power to you, Braveheart! 

We'll always have our little witty Kermit - no matter what! 

Now for some Epic Fish Feeding Frenzy
and it is not what you think!
Trust us: it is Aquamusing! 

And for what you think - there's this:

Same ''news sources'' (fake news! fake news! As ''DA DON'' Drumpf says...) 
in Hawaii - and somewhere else, too?!? 
What - simultaneously? 
Bi-location, Ubiquitous Mermaid...?!? 
The ultimate Aquaficionada then! 
 We thought you'd want a peek...

''Skott'' must have been inspired by this 
for the song... ''Mermaid'' 
(although it sounds suspiciously like... 
Lana Del Rey! Skott's Aqua-Muse? 
Could she be? How... aquamusing!)

No better (fitter, is that a word?) name 
than Lorelei... for thy mermaid/muse... Mateys! 
And we could bet that, if she does have a name, 
this Hawaiian Mermaid by way of Egypt (ugh!) 
- it must be just that! 
Many a song about her... aye... Lorelei! 
That ain't no lie!  
(Although the report may very well be...!)

And yet again, these same dubious sources give us a surefire way to get loose if one is Stuck In The Water  (why do I feel a parody of Deep Purple's Smoke On The Water come on -or up to the surface, really- here...?)

and here are some related items now: 

An old favorite of ours is making a comeback of sorts in a very... ah... shall we say fishy movie; Piranha 3DD, of all things! 
Allison Mack (easily our favorite Allison/Alison/Alyson) well-known for her ''non-canonical'' (DC-wise) part of ''Chloe'' on Smallville, years ago... a lifetime ago! 

Trailer time:

Much less... aquamusing... 
and terribly disappointing, in truth,  
is the turn that another super stunning Smallville alumni's 
career is taking: honestly, we don't quite know what is the worst here, 
really - the Marvel connection 
or the impassioned one there... 

Next, we'll say like Luminous Luciano often says himself: 
no idea what FB is thinking 
when they make suggestions like these: 

We'll applaud the play-on-NAME there, though... 
Long-overdue, too! 

and we'll all agree with 
Luminous Luciano here too:

people have DIED in those forest fires - 
to make cute photoshops about it... 
is cruel, obtuse and totally out of place. 

Facebook is not all unworthy shares though - of course... 
And once again, *LL* 
provides us with an example...
With the help of *N.O.S.* this time: 
click here for more details.

Shove those make-believe marvels aside already - yes! 
How about becoming a true marvel now? 
Do *you* want to become a marine biologist 
- on the late, just a little bit? 
(It's never too late - okay?)
Or an endangered species observer! 
PSOeTraining is for you!

WaterSeer and Seabin: 
innovations you will be seeing around a whole lot of, we are certain,
in the coming months... years... decades! 
Landslides may be more frequent too, though... 
Kudos to the OPTUS musicians 
for their concert *for* the whales initiative - 
whales and whale-lovers 
appreciated very much! 
But what in blue blazes is that fowl & shark duo doing there...?!?

''Fear THE FIN'' - REALLY?!? 
(and whatever foul dirty trick is alluded to there...!)
There's absolutely nothing to fear there, really - 
nothing but fear itself - and even then 
it would be only the fear of ridicule, maybe? 
For ''PAT'' Marleau is a choker - 
just like his buddy Jumbo Joe 
and the whole lot of Sharks from San Jose! 
Never lived up to their promise - 
never will. 
Just like a certain Mike we all know... 

WAFF - is where it's at! LOL 
NESN: it's Kylie, not Kyrie...
But any excuse to play this is a good one: 

Oh... You meant this guy:

Never mind then... Let's just... MOVE ON!

...actually the world championships held in mid-July! 
Of course! 

Some have accused *aquamusings* of not spotlighting enough true-blue aquatic talents; 
such as the swimming talents, athletes, cross-sea adventurer types - etcetera! 
Well, if Luminous Luciano won't do it - 
AQUA ANA will... 
as she reviews news feeds, 
magazines, newspapers from all over
No need to thank me, Kylie!

Now - who do you think this guy is... hmm?


It's Jean (''John'' in French; not a girly name!  But then it does have that other aquatic, er, flush meaning...) --- Jean Dujardin;  the only French actor with the tremendous, unqualifiable distinction 
of having won an Oscar for his acting! 
And he had the brilliant idea of making not one 
(not three either; read on!)
but two movies 
about a BLOND SURFER... named Brice... 
BEFORE AQUAMAN's movie comes out! 

He skipped the 2nd one - went straight to number 3 - his excuse: ''I broke the second'' - surfboard being the metaphor for a sequel. Wow.
How original is that!?

AND... unlike Jason Momoa... Jean does 
go all out on the blondness; 
whether it is a dye job or a wig, 
HE IS BLOND! Aquaman will not be... 
Makes you wonder (not marvel, no) - 
maybe Momoa should have been Drax 
instead, after all... 

And not... 

We have to state this, however: 

Happy, AL...? 

Now, on a much graver, 
far more serious note 
once again: 

it is not because some peeps Down Under 
are seeking to own the term 
for their own personal gain 
that we, at aquamusings, 
would ever grow insensible 
to injustice, pain and strife 
endured by any or all 
Australians - 
we feel for Larissa Waters 
and even more so for 
Justine Ruszczyk Damond, 
whose life was cut short 
so senselessly. 
Our deepest condolences 
to all friends and family 
of Justine. 
 She was... is... obviously an angel. 

 and a luminous aquaficionada 


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Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano™ said...

Really now... AQUA ANA?


You post my lambasting of Anon PT Int. - and then you turn around and wrap this up with something eeriely close to that...?!?

We wanted to honor the memory of this Australian-American Lady Justine...
we had to do it properly!

And without bringing about the similarities with Larissa... Or the other Waters!

But you couldn't resist...
I know.

3:30 PM  
Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano™ said...

And you gotta stop using *my blogger* to post - darn it!

Create your own!!!

And *then* if you so desire, you may post atrocities such as that ''Lore of Lies'' there - aaaaaaaall on your own!!!


3:32 PM  
Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano™ said...

... having stated all that...

Thanks for adding Alice And The Glass Lake's Luminous song to this post. *

R.I.P. Alicia Lemke, too...

* (... and adding it while logging in as me - again!)

3:43 PM  

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