Friday, August 04, 2006

All That Aqua Talk - Here's That Aqua Walk! Or Swim...

The trailer that the WB - or CW doesn't want you to see!
Complete with a joke-cracking young A.C.
A mysterious dark-skinned mentor of the deep
An alluring and poignant Atlanna
An Atlantis cloaked from prying eyes in the Bermuda Triangle itself!
And all that wrapped up in its ORIGINAL WORKING TITLE too - no 'Mercy Reef's here (and much less "Tempest Key" - thank God for that!)
"AQUAMAN" is the title here (as seen on the still above - twas a new logo too, for the ominous and ostentatious occasion!)

Ah... enjoy, while you can!
The playlist below may cease to function at any time - given that the CW is soooooooo picky about copyrighted property and all (but the pilot episode this trailer comes from is available from for 1.99$ - all 42 minutes of it, minus the commercials and the logo here!)

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Aquaman is copyright ©2006 DC Comics. Aquaman appears monthly in comic books published by DC Comics.

Smallville, Aquaman, Mercy Reef and all affiliated characters are copyright ©2006 Warner Bros. & DC Comics.


Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

Best lines from this trailer:

McCaffrey (Ving Rhames):
"There are cretures in the deep you couldn't imagine in your worse nightmares"

A.C. (Justin Hartley):
"Oh, that's reassuring.
Thanks a lot!"

Hmm... is this the future AQUAMAN of the future SPIDER-MAN here?!?

Maybe the VENTURE BROTHERS on the CARTOON NETWORK had it right after all, linking up Peter Parker and Arthur Curry as "bros"...

5:29 AM  
Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

Lou Diamond Phillips, is the first actor from Mercy Reef to talk publicly about the project and all the buzz associated with it. At Movieweb, he had this to say, while participating in a junket for the DVD release of The Triangle:

"The funny thing about the Aquaman project is that there's so much buzz about it already. Which is amazing, I mean you don't usually get that with a pilot, because they're sort of sight unseen. With the announcement that Al Gough and Miles Millar were doing this, basically spinning off of Smallville, but not really, it is it's own creature if you will, there was a lot of speculation and a lot of buzz. I can say just having been on the set, having been with Ving and Justin Hartley, who is amazing and I think is gonna blow up, we nailed it, man. It was a wonderful script and it was so much enthusiasm and so much heart, and I have to say an incredible amount of support. From the network, from the studio and I think everybody had high hopes for it."

Wizard Mentions Mercy Reef
Issue #175 of Wizard (one of the leading magazines about comics) makes mention of the Mercy Reef pilot. The article includes a picture of Justin Hartley (A.C.).

But more amusing than the news article, which covers material seen previously on the Net, is a humorous list of rejected titles for Aquaman's TV show. Below are some of the best:

Arthur's Creek
Buoy Meets World
Beverly Hills H2O
The O.C.ean
7th Fathom
Gill-more Girls
The Offish
As The Seaworld Turns Surf & Turf
Days of our Tides
One Sea Hill
Desperate Fishwives
Two Guys, A Girl and a Sushi Place
Veronica Marsh
Jump The Shark

Variety mentioned some possible bad news for the Aquaman project:

"Then there's the CW, which some believe may head into fall without the one pilot that seemed like a sure thing: Aquaman. Topping the list there appears to be the Sony TV entry Runaway."


This is sounding a lot like my lamentations in re: my own AQUA project...

I suspect that Will Toale is feeling vindicated some too - as I occasionally do, towards DC especially...

As for the PILOT AVAILABLE ON iTUNES... (and tops on their list too!)
We've been given the opportunity to screen the Aquaman pilot episode, which was produced for The CW's fall lineup but sadly did not make the final cut. What we saw could have been The CW's first big hit.

Any pea-brained TV executive could see this - but not, apparently, the pea-brained ones at the helm of the CW...

CW... CW... arrrrrgggghhhh!!! Is this on purpose too that they chose to name themselves "CW" - to pour some salt on the still gaping WCW wound - huh?!?

More from the hopeful ones now:

Articles in The Washington Post and have implied that Aquaman is still a contender for midseason placement, and that this was said at the CW Upfronts by entertainment president Dawn Ostroff on May 18.

We don't want to get up any false hopes, but as far as we know at AquamanTV, there are no plans to put the series on at midseason. Which is why it is very important to spread the word around the Net that you want to see Aquaman - so perhaps, by some miracle or chance, executives at the CW will decide to exercise their right to put in an order for more of the series while they still can.

(And if for some reason the CW does exercise the right to pick this up for midseason, we will happily admit "we're wrong here" and send a million thank-yous Dawn Ostroff's way)

The YouTube trailer (now since removed so the link is now gone) has been viewed over 100,000 times in just two days - that's like 1/20 the average weekly audience of, say, Veronica Mars. There's a lot of demand out there, and the best thing you can all do is spread the word.


5:39 AM  
Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

L.A. Times Notes Aquaman Success; Is An Aquaman Movie Coming?
Following the iTunes success of the Aquaman TV pilot and a recurring plotline on Entourage, now there's talk that the Aquaman character may next become a film, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The L.A. Times article features some quotes from Alfred Gough about the TV pilot.

Tell them, Alfred - spread the news!
(I hope I am not sounding too much like that Aquaman valet - whatever his name was - who was "spreading the news" on Aquaman's eventual return a bit too much as if AQ was The Messiah...! We have enough of the super impostor, Superman, being presented as such as it is...)

So - don't be a Bryan Singer, Alfred!
Spred the news - but don't go overboard! Aquaman won't rescue you from drowning!

And don't neglect your dusting duties!


5:58 AM  
Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

Fans online... ha!

One mentions that
"Justin (is working) now on a movie and he told me that he is going to do smallville for multiple episodes. i told him that i was looking forward to the A-man show and he said alot of people were but the it was too expensive to make. the pilot alone cost 12 million. he is a nice and i wish him the best."

Hopefully that will convince the "powers that be" to go ahead and supply the demand seen online for the pilot... with a BIG SCREEN MOVIE starring Paul Walker!
Walker wants to do it!
And Hartley has proven that there is an audience out there for it!
Hope that teaches the moronic Riches brothers a thing or two on the subject...
Them and any other set of brothers who might have been tempted to do a spoof out of this material...

Another fan who goes by the handle of "brucewayne909" says:

"I liked how in the first Aquaman episode in Smallville AM asked Clark to join the Junior Lifeguard Association and Clark says he isn't ready for the JLA yet. Brilliant!"

Not as good as some lines from the MERCY REEF pilot, ah, "brucie"!

Finally, a fan by the online name of
"hickryhawkins" added:

"Makes sense that an Aquaman series would be expensive as hell. I think they could still make a movie though. Then again they might think it more feasible to do a JLA film then give some of the characters their own movies later."

Again - no!
Supes gets HIS OWN sacrilegious movie...
Bats gets HIS OWN boring (and batty) movie...

Big screen treatment or not, aqua fans no longer have to resort to that old college film footage for a live action aquaman! Not that or Thomas Jane's performance in Deep Blue Sea! Nor Nick Nolte's in The Deep! Nor even Paul Walker's in Into The Blue!!!

They have a legitimate Aquaman now - two even!

Alan Ritchson
And now Justin Hartley!

May the next one be a big screen treatment indeed!


6:41 AM  
Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

First there was Aquamarine...

That mermaid movie that mixed sea creatures with teen angst oh-so very well...

Then there was The Lady In The Water, with Ron Howard's daughter (who would indeed make for an ideal Mera - complete with natural redheadedness and freckles too, if need be! She got those from dad! :) But nooooooooo... Spider-Man wants to her to DYE HER HAIR BLONDE instead!!! There should be the death penalty for such crimes against natural red hair!!!)

Why couldn't Tinseltown go forth with an Aquaman movie?

Johnny Depp's deep performances (!) in those Pirates movies PROVES that there is a market for this sort of fare...!!!


9:11 PM  

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