Monday, June 12, 2006

Mera would never be caught
"hugging" such a frail,
tiny, all-around
improbable creature
as this "winged seahorse"
(a fairy seahorse?)
for Mera,
Queen of the Seven Seas,
has MUCH more
common sense
than that!
She cares deeply for
the welfare of all sealife -
she doesn't want to
smother it out of
existence -
with misguided
displays of affection!

An all-around
odd and poor
use of unbound
The copyright owners
of Mera and her spouse's
trademarked name,
though, are guilty of the
exact opposite thing;
a severe LACK of

But that is another story...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

here's aqua originality for your family, america!

For those who blinked and missed it - here is what triggered the ABC "originality" down below there (or really the original rip-off that it is, equal parts "The O.C." and... the DC!) And you could call this hence... the AQUA episode of "Smallville" - the single highest-rated episode that they ever did have - and ever will have! ;)

No - it isn't today that they will successfully duplicate and not just imitate!
Right, Kurt Busiek?

Oh - please click each pic to get appropriate music - again!
You'll see - or hear it, actually - you'll love it! ;)
(And if that doesn't work - click on the next few aquagidgets then!)

Friday, June 09, 2006

abc jumpstarts the wb plans for aqua...

As the Smallville "unofficial spin-off" is still in development - you know which one; the show built around a blond boy tied into aqua (but never to be referred to as "aquaman" - heaven or really TV executives forbid!) and a lighthouse and half-a-dozen "teens with issues" (must be their super powers...) - the tired and soon-to-be-rechristened WB must be damning the P.T.B.s (or even... DC?) that one of the three "old networks" was fleet-feeted enough to go right ahead and put on the airwaves a similar show in no time at all! And it's going to be on on Monday nights too! (Wow - more competition for those who cater to the pathetic demographics that, traditionally, go for the WWE product then, or used to go for WCW.. or the Rollergirls on A&E of all places... Or some other brainless alleged source of "fun"! One more reason to hate Mondays, I say...)
So, okay, this show was around already and its RETURN is really what has WB execs fuming - for if a niche is already covered and full, there is no point trying now...! Besides, this is a Canadian show - which is doubly annoying for the American conglomerate that is Warner Bros.!

TM & © ABC Family Worldwide, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Witty Commentary TM & © Luminous Luciano® All Rights Reserved Too!

No Falcon Crest!
And no "AQUAMAN-without-being-called-Aquaman-SHOW" either!
"A NEW ABC FAMILY ORIGINAL SERIES" they call it - rrrright.
It looks like the "abc aquaman" to me!
They're only missing a redhead or two for that certain "caché"...
Oh well - as long as this "falcon beach" here is clear of nerdy pale dingbats and haughty irksome overrated geeks inexplicably and illogically made out to be stronger than they realistically should or even could ever be...!
The ghost of matriarch Jane Wyman might be on that beach though - rather than Annette Funicello! Or even... Acquanetta!!!
No one in this cast seems apt to swim like an Esther Williams, alas - especially not the neurotic bitchy brunette of service there...!
The blonde is not as neurotic as Sylvie Fréchette, a renowned swimmer, which is odd to me - and she has a lot of a Courtney Thorne-Smith feel to her, and THAT is even ODDER considering that Courtney is an avid and outspoken Aquaman fan! (Jay Leno even found her a rare collectible Aquaman Mego doll from the 1970s when she was on his show - and she was going gaga over it during the interview! The big kid that she is...)
The blond dude... is just that - a blond dude! Without the myth of Atlantis and the special abilities - oh, and the orange & green colors - any blond guy would be bland! Any guy - period! Hair is not enough here...
Speaking of which... Baldy Lex won't try his luck and catch the blazing sun on his cranium here - ever! And the blue-eyed smalltown ubermensch won't show up here either!
Who knows - maybe abc does have a hit here?!?
Melrose Place meets Baywatch...?!?
It,s all in the timing of the show's launch - and this is summer fare alright!
Stranger things have happened in TV land...
I only question the wisdom of the title chosen...
Wouldn't "Cormorant Beach" have been more logical?
How many falcons do you know that take to water like ducks do?
Aside from that, this gamble might be pay off - just like any other can on network television, for a time...

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