Monday, July 25, 2016

Aqua Products - and 275th post!

Let's admit, folks... aqua-folksies... sea monkeys and other creatures of the deep and/or wild, wild web: there are infinite numbers of products that we could deem to be ''aqua-themed'' out there. There are scores of them! Everything and anything has been sold using this wondrous thematic; and why not? The sea and all of its splendors -as well as terrors- have always exerted such fascination... Many are the mercantile mer-minds that have dreamed up some ingenious ways to tap into that vast potential! Mere suggestion is all that is required after all! The allure of the adventure on the high seas, the mysteries of the depths - anything! And here are, once again, but a few samplings of that ''tapping''... (No, Amanda Tapping - not you!)

Thirsty? Are ya? Well, if you wound up here, on the blog called ''AQUA MUSINGS'' - one can assume that you may be a little, trifle bit parched indeed... no? Well here are some thirst-quenchers that have made their mark doing just that - for the *serious drinker* that is!

Of course they don't! 
They don't change easy where everybody knows your name!
And this is brewed in BOSTON!


Even good ol' Captain Nemo got into the game...

Okay, to be fair, gingers do not guzzle down strictly beer -
right, Mera?

... but they would rather do so! 

Now for all of those who have always thought that 
sink a few of those:

We add the following just to show the sharp contrasts:
batty & quacks only inspire... 
uninspiring drinks, in comparison!

(that can go with the beer...)

Reading material...?

The appropriate apparel -
forgive the bad taste in accessorizing displayed there!
Still... #Aquaficionada material here!

And the most appropriate means of transportation in all the land...
or sea, rather... THE TALKO -
a yacht that does its own talking!

If you're on a bit of a budget - 
the HYDROPOOL HOT TUB is the thing for you!

And this might come in handy, too...

But we would be remiss if we didn't go back to that 
Caribbean Delicacy (DC - in reverse!) 
charmingly called... CRABBIES! 

Granted it is so christened because it is named after its founder, 
John Crabbie...

Crabbies promotional art by Matthew The Horse - 
is that Aquaman he drew there? The colors match! 
And he comes flanked by a Mera, too!

One wonders if the estate AND the current Pokémon craze BOTH 
have ever heard of these CRABBIES...

Shelley looks like she owes more to Mera than Mary herself...!

And all this begs the question, of course... 
No, not ''why crabbies?'' 
(that is answered on the hyperlink above - 
just click on the angry crabby!)

It truly begs the question...
who is more like Queen Mera of the Seven Seas here?!?

In this day and age of all-girl Ghostbusters crews...
Forget Julianne Moore! 
Go home, Jessica Chastain! 
And never mind any of the fake Tinseltown redheads...
It's between these three now! 
And I vote for the one holding the beer...!

doubt... creeping... in!
(That's a DC too, y'know!)
(Just not owned by Warner Brothers!)
Let's call the whole thing off then...
Amber Heard it is... you win, DC!

Let us close this beer fest, at last, with this: 
may the crabbies never get you; and
may the crabbies not be confused with the crappies too!

Lest some aqua karma like this happens to you now...

Here's an ''aqua product'' you DON'T want to invest in... ladies!
Especially if you truly are... those that got away!


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