Sunday, April 17, 2016

Aquamusings Caught In The Net...

... and close to a month before they started, too!
Not even Capitaine Bonhomme could have saved 'em...
Who wanted them saved, anyways?

In other ''un-news'' of sorts, 
readily available on the web today - 
this article about how ''Atlantis may have been found 
and lost again'' - or just plainly forgotten about 
The news bit is not reported by Yahoo, this time, 
but by '''' 
(hence the ''un-news'' quality of it, eh;
un-news not fake news now!)
and we thought Jonas C.C.'s Sisters of the Sea 
were just the perfect way to visualize the tragedy of it all -
so, here's hoping that you agree... Sisters!

 Onwards to the wondrous -if, oftentimes, murky- realms of

Cheryl versus Ashley - it is on, apparently!
With special guest-referee: our old favorite...
Christie Brinkley!?
Don`t mind Mylène de Mytilène there; 
she's just ogling, that's all...

It is the year of our Lord 2000 and 16...
And MEN... on boats...

... still have to dread encountering 
(Murmurmmaids? Murderermermaids?) 
out there, on the High Seas...!

 I know one... or even two... gentle ones, however: 

 Maybe even three...? 

And now - a special message from the King of the Seven Seas...
(whom we refer to, oftentimes here on aqua musings, as ''AQ'' indeed! It is destiny...)

Wow - this is as close as it is ever gonna get to a REUNION for the old alternate reality or timeline AQUA TRIO: all three in a row here - Aqua Luciano... Aqua Belle... Aqua King!  #NeverGoingToHappen #NeverMeantToBe

And about another one of our favorite water-logged characters now, from our *Aqua Force* days (see the archives of this very blog, circa 2005 ~ 2006) and all...

Onwards to... much ado about nothing, really!

You get the sad beached picture: A.W. is not one of our FAVES...
She features prominently on many other websites, however - 
those that are far less picky in their taste for 
Aquaficionadas - just behold these two picks below...

This Russian ''Waterbearer'' is on her way...

The Liquidator appears to be excited about that...!!!
(Hellboy truly, totally stole this guy's look -
if not the mandibles.
But that is another story...)

And whatever happened to these two other AQUAS... hmm? 


Rumors have resurfaced about a certain revival - 
and it is incumbent upon that certain umpteenth take 
on a certain member of the Aqua-Family 
to keep that hope alive... or afloat. 
Imagine that: it even got the character`s name 
TRENDING in social media!!!
There are at least three different Aqualads around, though - 
why was it this one that ``caught on`` with the public so - 
the DOUBLE AGENT one?!? 

Personally, we will pull for the slightly zombie-like kid there:

It is well-chronicled that we, at aqua musings, couldn`t care less 
about the original Aqualad, Garth - a.k.a. Temp-pest... 

And we are none too attached to the new punk 
wet behind the ears and all over, still, either - 
you know, the one that participated  
 in waging ``Aqua War`` recently... 

Now... Believe it or not, this film project is still being considered...
Then again, with ''Bill & Ted'' getting a 3rd, ah, 
''installment'' soon, reportedly...
And so many other wastes of celluloid, all over the place...
Maybe this is not such a bad idea after all?

 All hail the Sailor Man! 

Meanwhile, back in DC land, a full-fledged REBIRTH is seen 
as both necessary and as the most lucrative option 
for all of the ''meta-human'' ''super-duper'' heroes there - 
including our good old AQUAMAN, 
who celebrates his 75th anniversary this year.
Amazingly enough, AQ is allowed to keep his classic look 
in this rather convoluted process of rebirth here; 
it is surprising given that the ''DCEU'' movie version 
is totally different from this, as we know - 
they went all grungy, 90s style ''Conan of the Sea'' 
with their choice of actor to portray him on the big screen... 

This is not surprising, however, given the degree of success 
and reacquired credibility the classic clean-cut blond 
garbed in orange-and-green sea hero has garnered, 
in the last two to three years, in his medium of birth -
his original birth, that is, back in 1941! 
 Mera, his queen, swimming by his side 
in both versions now - he can do no wrong!

And since we are on the subject, with this latest queen-sighting, 
why not round this up here with some bonafide 
once more - first, the Queen Mera, of course...
Quick ~ time, like the tide, is pressing...

Next: a certain София Павлова...

And, finally, Aletta Ocean herself...

°°°Letting all that sink in now...°°°


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