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Aqua Poll Time - Olympics Edition

It's the Summer Olympics Games once again - and, once again, aquatic sports are in the forefront of it all, as it should be, really...  By aquatic sports, we certainly do not mean beach volleyball either: although we are all ready to admit and agree that it exemplifies the best what being an aquaficionada is aaaaaall about! Alas, we won't even be talking about synchronized swimming on this occasion: we'll save that for some other time, seeing as even Google devoted one of its world-famous doodles to it, a mere few hours ago in fact...! So forget about anything beached along the waterways here: we have to remain firmly entrenched in the swim of things for this here!

And so we get into the spirit of the proceedings with, first, a diver hailing from Laval, an island up north very familiar to us here at aqua musings... Watch here (or there) this touching video prepared for the occasion by the fine folks at Procter & Gamble, willing, wanting and fully able to cash in on he fine opportunity that the London Olympics (and any other such events, quite frankly, be them World championships, qualifying competitions or such kind...) gives a company like theirs, one that "supports the athletes achieve their goals - and dreams!" Let's watch - you provide your own paper tissue now:

Alexandre Despatie: Raising an Olympian

Wed, 9 May, 2012 3:00 PM EDT - 3:52 | 1,203 views
Some talent is evident at an early age, and although Alexandre Despatie was a childhood star, his mom brought stability and comfort to him for every step of his Olympic Games journey. Their home was a haven from the stress of training. The joys of watching her child compete pale in comparison to his happiness as a competitive diver. Alexandre knows that as long as he is happy, his mom is, too.


And then there is the American competitor, 
the consummate swimmer who excels 
in any and all styles, be it freestyle, 
individual medley, butterfly  
or a team-oriented relay version of it all!
He who rakes in all the medals in his own discipline 
(which he certainly makes his own indeed...!) 
and reaffirms American dominance 
and the illusion of the all-american superiority complex!  
Not to mention the flesh-and-blood realization 
of the American Dream...!

So much so, that even P&G takes notice 
and, as they are ever on the lookout 
for proper poster boys, 
they made sure they saluted his great 
aquatic accomplishments 
yet again 
(probably as they mentioned, for the 
umpteenth time, that he uses 
their products on a regular basis - 
but that's another story...)

This one was predestined to rule the waves all right; 
albeit fake waves made inside Olympic-size pools 
- hailing from Maryland, which always makes us think 
of Marineland, somehow, 
as we've mentioned before (...) 
and having begun paddling in the drink 
at the tadpole age of seven... 
Seven - like the number of seas 
of the Ancient World! 
Wow - it truly was predestined...! 
Onwards then 
to the spontaneous homage 
posted a mere few days ago 
on that other sharing site...

Unbelievable! Michael Phelps took home the gold in the 100m Butterfly today during the London 2012 Olympic Games! That brings his total to 21 medals!

 ·  ·  · a few strokes ago via Head & Shoulders ·

               NEVER MIND THE FACT, now, THAT THEY ARE 
(what a coincidence: D/C...) 

Both appeal equally to P&G/H&S/DC, surely, 
but it doesn't have to be that way for thee -
after all, you don't have goo to sell 
to all demographics combined, 
French-speaking, American 
or mixed and matched bunches...! 

The swimmer with 22 medals (and counting?) or 

Do your best Olympics judge impression 
and cast your votes 

But lest we all forget - 
as good as these guys are 
and many more like them 
(Darren Taylor included) -
 the one thing closest to an aquaman 
was the late 


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