Sunday, February 22, 2004

aqua aficionadas: mucho better than a pet in the penthouse or a playmate for playtime...!!!


An Aqua Patch is a better patch than most patches made readily available out there too...! USCGC White Sage, Bristol, RI Patch

AquaFicionados would instantly recognize that!

Meanwhile, Aquaficionadas just wanna have funnnnn...!

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Friday, February 13, 2004

songs to the tune of aqua

Whichever way your taste buds swim to, you will love these!
For she sings like a veritable Lorelei...
a siren of the songstress ways... 
not at all sorcerous ways... 
and, dare I say... 
like a certain Sea Queen? 
(Though no one has ever heard the song of the Queen of the Seven Seas - yet! 
I am absolutely sure that it does sound exactly like this songstress...)


When Belinda Carlisle pursued a solo career, she took more than her share of criticism from rock critics — who complained that slick pop/rock collections like Belinda and Heaven on Earth lacked the bite of her work with the Go-Go's. But while nothing here packs quite the punch that "How Much More," "We Got the Beat," and "Turn to You" did, such memorable songs as "Heaven Is a Place on Earth," "Should I Let You In?," and "I Get Weak" show that the Angelino still had plenty of spirit. "Circle in the Sand" is in fact a gem — a haunting Shangri-Las-like song with an early-to-mid-'60s-ish quality that makes you wish you were back in the Summer of '64 on your way to the beach. If one were to own only one solo effort from Carlisle's MCA years, this would be the best choice.
by Alex Henderson(AMG)

Belinda Carlisle's demise came when she told the chairman of MCA Records what she thought of him at a formal dinner, a sitdown awards event as it was, before numerous guests/witnesses... She was surpassing MadOnna in the years 1988-1989-1990 and would have likely continued to had this not taken place... She regrets nothing though, telling all who will listen that "it felt great" to let her feelings about the sleazeball be known - to his peers...

And she seemed so "not feisty" in those Go-Go's days...

Live from KikoTV now - a message from the director of our next video:
Video-clip da música "Sou como um rio", do grupo Delfins (Miguel Angelo, Fernando Cunha, Rui Fadigas, Luis Sampaio, Jorge Quadros), de Portugal. O video foi filmado no Rio de Janeiro. Na época em que foi feito, o album que continha esta música era o que mais tinha vendido em todos os tempos em Portugal. O clip é estrelado por Ellen Jabour. Direção de Kiko Araujo
(pesquise KIKOTV para ver outros clips que eu dirigi, de bandas como Raimundos, Ira!, Angra, etc)

More Delfins, below - LIVE in PORTUGAL...

I just had to throw this next one in as well...!

Proof positive that she could have been a genuine redhead indeed - she has the feistyness required for it! The voice too... And the sultryness, most definitely!
I was right when I saw a(nother) Mera in her! ;)

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Look, below, on this luminous aqua-map:
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Weep, batty ones! ;)

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