Tuesday, February 02, 1999

The Selling Power Of One Word... ``AQUA``

And when merely evoking the thing doesn`t yield 
all hoped for results...


You`ll sea the difference immediately!

Check in at Aquaman`s expense - here`s his credit card number:


AGUA... AQUA... close enough!

... much better than the sad habitat known as 

... THE CAR!

oh... there are many!

And we would be remiss if we didn`t add one more  
-through hypertime commuting, of course- 
after all, its creativity 
(substituting the ``A`` for a ``V`` 
and, essentially, inverting it) 
should not be turned against it...

There is even an angel by that name...!
(And we don`t mean this one!) 
And, of course, that certain super-hero of the sea too!
AQUA - partake of it already  
{especially if you`re feeling parched}
for it is everywhere - AND IT $ELL$!

But why, then - oh, tell us why, then;
the time-honored (and extremely aquamusing) expression 
``water, water everywhere - 
and not a drop to drink`` 
comes to our aquaficionado`s mind just now... hmm?

A lack of sole in all this, perhaps...?

And, of course, gotta give *the man* his due - once again

This magic word - ``AQUA``- sells so darn well 
all across the world and the seven seas 
- surely it has to start paying off 
for the one man-king who dared 
go ahead and call himself *it*
- one day???

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