Monday, February 20, 2017

A.N.N. News Update - Feb. 2017

 Hello! And Welcome To Another Edition Of... A.N.N. News! I am your hot hostess - Aqua Ann!

Today we will be covering a large batch of breaking news - as we always do; much more effectively, expertly and thoroughly than this ''Luminous (\ô/) Luciano'' guy ever does! His approach is whimsical, sarcastic - borderline cynical! That is his problem! But it is not ours - thank Aegir! 
WE cover the news - REAL news, not FAKE news - and we cover it inside out, sideways and backwards again! We leave no sea shell unturned... And no turtleneck on - especially not during a sunny day on the beach, where we often will find ourselves... er... reporting, yes! WE live and breathe the news - of the day, as in the expression ``catch of the day``... hmm?  And you can count on A... N... N... to deliver the goods - always - unlike other ``N.. Ns`` out there! 
Just ask Da Don...

Now, on our agenda today...

(to find out, click on the squid!)

Spring Break is fast approaching, we are all in dire need of sun, fun and lots and lots of rest and *the* resort that is on everybody`s lips has got to be this one: 

Yes. Ladies... And Gentlemen... But, for the most part, Ladies...
will pamper you and make your stay 
a true splendor!

ANN... at her other job!

This place is not bad either:

It`s the good old 3-for-1 All-American Deal;
what`s not to love?

Any good old watering hole will do for Drumpf! 
To be fair, the AQUA Nightclub in Key West, FL 
is one of the very BEST...!

Go wherever you can indulge in some rigorous
aqua fitness, basically...

Now, while on vacation, you will need a water-proof camera - right?
In the past we made you purchase the throwaway, cheap kind: 

They did the job - but were one-shot deals, also! 
THIS YEAR... we recommend the SONY Xperia M4 AQUA! 
Performance - and durability!

Google that review now - why don`t you! 
We`re too lazy these days to actually provide you with the hyperlink 
that will take you there directly - sue us, willya???

WHO KNOWS... With any luck, you will be privileged enough 
to be able to take a shot like this one, during your AQUA VACATION:

MERMAIDS so *need* the publicity - 
so many peeps *still* pretend that they don`t even exist!!!

Works fine in the shower, too!

Now here`s hoping your hotel room - or shower - is not HAUNTED 
... lest your Xperia-ence will turn into some kind of... Suspiria!

The AQUAMAN movie is in full swing, preparation-wise... 
His competition is not! That alone is reason to rejoice! 
The character appears in the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie 
which just wrapped up shooting recently. 
Now is as good a time to openly wish DC didn`t make a mistake 
in casting Amber Heard as Mera... instead of Isla Fisher!

Isla Fisher totally nailed it - the underwater redheaded 
version of Houdini, that is, in ``Now You See Me`` 
- therefore proving that she had the chops of a Sea Queen! 
Plus she is a FISHER...!!!
But DC chose to ignore this completely...

And good luck with THAT too...!

On (far) more serious notes, these topics require follow-ups on:

Aqua Aficionado Dance

Oh... Darn. It's too late for the discount now!

An AQUAFICIONADA interrupts to chime in now:

... we now return to our regularly-scheduled news bulletin...

Editor Aqua Luciano`s note: 
``Uncanny... I actually wanted to include Robotman (I) 
in my Aqua Force`s roster in the earliest plans for it - 
my idea was ``hey, he can`t possibly just rust - now can he?`` 
and I needed some star power opposite Aquaman & Mera...
Plus: an eventual clash with the Doom Patrol and their own 
Robotman (II) was somewhat... intriguing!``

JESUS Saves all of life!


That's right... Calm Down... take a break... with Oikos.

A brooding Aquaficionada is no Aquaficionada at all!

But if one is supposed to Heil Hydra... can we Mock Muff?

February 25th 2017 - Ida Lewis was born... 175 years ago.
The Legendary Lighthouse Keeper was a one-woman Aqua Force!
(and, this time, the link is!)

Last time he was good at lifting veils and triggering revelations, 
Steve Skeates chronicled his life - and Geoff Johns was in diapers 
(or a mere twinkle in the eye of his father!)

He. Was. Never. There.

Now this guy... This scrawny little pointy guy...
is just plain pathetic:

It`s a quarter more than it is actually worth...!

Disney`s Ariel recently showed us very clearly 
just which hero she prefers herself...
And medieval-type of damsels nutso-in-distress 
and barely contained in their dress 
all swoon over her rather than Namor, too; 
wow, we didn`t know 
The L Word was also a Disney cartoon...

Oh yeah... That makes us think... While at the resort...

Those damsels will thank you for it!

Just wanted to say... THIS is NOT your beloved ANN... OK?

Nothing beats -or will ever beat- our erstwhile colleague 
Michael Fish though...

And, certainly, you will all agree wholeheartedly with me here: 
certain atrocities have got to be shared with others...

But we leave you today with a quick look at gorgeous aqua gowns and assorted bits of truly radiant and luminous ``aqua fashion`` that is both luxurious and affordable; and, verily, fit for a sea queen indeed - ready, set... google to go fish for it!

And remember - 
what happens at an AQUA RESORT 
stays at the AQUA RESORT...
unless the AQUA RESORT has a website.
(And they all do!)
(This applies for the Aqua Nightclub too!)

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