Sunday, April 25, 2010

A.N.N. Again: Aqua Miscellaneous - In The News

Sea Lion Attacks Octopus: An Epic Battle
Sea Lion Attacks Octopus: An Epic Battle

In the Spencer Gulf, in South Australia, an unexpected predator preys upon an often thought to be more fearsome denizen of the deep - a lesson to us all that nothing is ever as it appears to be, under the sea or back on the surface...

Keep that in mind as you watch on next, as a boxer trains on the shore...

Most Obedient Dog on Earth
Most Obedient Dog on Earth

And, especially, as a bitch flaunts her assets by the sea as well...!

Style File: Kim Kardashian
Style File: Kim Kardashian


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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Now this is very aquamusing...!

Of all the blasted wrong perceptions that people have of a certain sea king character, the fact that he would be unsure of himself and preoccupied with being perceived as ''cool'' by peasants (polluted air-breathing and sea-polluting ones, at that...!) is one of the most idiotic of all. The fact that this is the basis for what these same peasantry peeps would award him as ''his greatest victory ever'' (in the ensuing video very simply entitled "poker night'') is truly... priceless. It garners an 'A' for effort, though - simply because of its stunning ending (stunning for said peasants, that is!)

Written by Mike Wytrykus and directed by Aaron Brown, this untold story finally told here (must be an Elseworlds) blurbs as follows: Batman is the world's greatest detective and has defeated scores of dastardly villains in his long career. But tonight, he will face his greatest challenge ever. The Dark Knight squares off against five of the world's greatest superheroes in a high stakes, winner-takes-all game of poker! It will take all his crimefighting skills to defeat the combined might of Superman, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Aquaman and the Hulk. When the chips are down and everything's on the line, who will be the victor?

(Six guesses as to who that is... and you might yet garner an 'A' for effort, too...!)

Video ''does not exist''... again? No problem! 
Try checking it out here - or an alternate game, 
robotic poultry-style, here: but that NEVER HAPPENED, okay?
Or you might check out the pathetic Marvel version of the former, 
featuring one half of the Fantastic Four 
and Marvel's sorry-a$$ Avengers - here!
If all that fails miserably, well, 
check out our series of stills from any of these vids
right here!

Still worth a look - and a spot on this very aqua musing blog!



Saturday, April 10, 2010

The poker game thing made me think of how many times Batty has owed AQ over the years - and no one seems to even think of these instances in which the Sea King saved ol' pointy ears' bacon, rep or simply from the trouble of explaining why he couldn't get the job done! (To whom does a psychopathic control freak dressed up in a bat spandex suit owe any explanation at all, you ask; well, to his shrink, normally, but in this (very) particular case it is to Gotham City's police commissioner - but that is digressing now...)

And it is so very fitting that YouTube happens to have this too! Here is a video that features just that: one of those well-known instances, digitalized from its original source which happened to be a mini-comic-book distributed with the ever-collectible Joker action figure from the 1984 Super Powers collection, by Kenner.

Watch this:

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