Monday, April 30, 1990

Time Traveling Atlanteans From Beyond - In Inner Space!

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Sunday, April 22, 1990

aqua aficionada - MUCHO better than a playmate or a mere "pet"... yet!

Friday, April 20, 1990

aqua aficionada: MUCHO better than a mere Playmate or any Pet - yo!

Thursday, April 12, 1990

aqua aficionada: MUCHO better than a player, playa, playmate, playboy, playgirl OR penthouse pet... YEAH!

Sunday, April 08, 1990

aqua aficionada (better than a penthouse pet or a playboy playmate - right? RIGHT???)

Wednesday, April 04, 1990

aqua aficionada - mucho better than any playmate or pet!

Oops - it ended TODAY!
We can resume our brawling then ;
Helena Heavenly (pictured above) will do so
(likely in a mud pit or on the beach!
As DDP would still say,
"what a Beach Blast that'll be!"
Or was that Jesse The Body Ventura?
Whatever - Helena has a better body!)
And so - no violence at sea, please!
As for the rest of us,
let's resume our violent ways
whenever necessary -
strictly when necessary too!
(I cannot condone unnecessary violence
but the necessary brand - SURE!
No, not you Helena!
Lufisto is plenty enough for me...!
Any male jobber presently in the employ
of either the WCW, WWE, NWA, TNA,
I'll MORE THAN GLADLY take on!
I've been practicing
my patented AQUA-KICK!
I need targets though...!
Any VKM cronie will do!
And if I may kick HIM
-in the shins, at least-
it would be
MOST "aquamusing"


Sunday, April 01, 1990

Aqua Aficionadas - All-Stars!

All time travelers as well, clearly...
Hey - the Lady of the Lake facilitated this!

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~My Mer-name is Glaucus Bioluminescence. Wow ~ even the Mer~folk agree that I am luminous! ~They identify me with a minor sea~deity though: Glaukos has nothing to do with glaucoma, at least ~~~ (thank God! The REAL GOD!) ~~~~ Oh... no; Glaukos gave its color to glaucoma... :( ~~ well, says they! ~~~~~~~~ Aegir, Poseidon, Triton and scores of others are more powerful than him, anyway... so there! Everything will be fine! The Aquaficionadas are on my side! :)
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~ Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator.

Watch Videos:

  1. IN THE END (Linkin Park)
  2. ATLANTIS EVOLUTION (E3 2K4 TRAILER) (Game Trailers)
  3. HIGH SEAS (The Renderers)
  4. ADMIRAL OF THE SEA (Nova Mob)
  5. HANG IN LONG ENOUGH (Phil Collins)
  6. UNDER THE SEA (Sebastian C)
  7. BEYOND THE SEA (Bobby Darin)
  8. PLEASE STAND UP (British Sea Power)
  9. IT ENDED ON AN OILY STAGE (British Sea Power)
  10. TIDAL WAVE (Longwave)
  11. PRAY FOR THE FISH (Randy Travis)
  12. ROW DA BOAT (Don Yute)
  13. LOST CAUSE (Beck)
  14. TIME (Hootie And The Blowfish)
  15. THANK U (Alanis Morissette)
  16. NO MORE TEARS (Ozzy Osbourne)
  17. MAN OF A THOUSAND FACES (Marillion)
  18. IN THE CROSSFIRE (Starsailor)
  19. DRIFTING AND FALLING (The Ocean Blue)
  20. BLINDED BY THE SUN (The Seahorses)
  21. HARD ROAD (The Shore)
  22. GREAT OCEAN (Dan Dyer)
  23. OCEANIA (Bjork)
  24. OCEAN (Hanna-McEuen)
  26. 1,000 OCEANS (Tori Amos)
  27. SAIL THOSE SAME OCEANS (Russell Crowe And 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts)
  28. OCEANO (LIVE) (Josh Groban)
  29. YOU'RE AN OCEAN (Fastball)
  30. AQUANOX 2: REVELATION (E3 2K3 TRAILER) (Game Trailers)
  32. SUPER RAD (The Aquabats)
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... An LP Anthem to the end of a childhood dream...? By LP...
... and assorted aquatic tunes for your listening pleasure... (l.p.)...!
But now, for your reading pleasure... ISSUU - brought to you by... an Aquaficionada!

Look, below, on this luminous aqua-map:
PROOF that the Earth is indeed 70% SEA WATER!
Weep, batty ones! ;)

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