Saturday, March 13, 1993


Way greater than our own AQUAMAN and the competition`s AQUARIAN, there was, first and foremost... AQUARIEL!       Aquariel 

 This perfect being (an Archangel, no less) opens the doors of perception to mortals who pray to him. Aquariel inspires humankind with transcendent and cosmic understanding so that we may spiritually evolve. 

 Far (oh, so very far) from being an amalgam of Aqua (pick any one you want) and Louis Riel, this figure... this name... this ``Aquariel`` has actually been listed as a powerful angel for many centuries. The famous ``Dictionary of Angels`` put together by Gustav Davidson lists an ``Aquachai`` sometimes simply known as ``Aqua`` - but, nowadays, AQUARIEL is the consensus! And one can easily see why: who would not prefer a heavenly attendant that eases one`s spiritual evolution (the only true evolution there is, ever was and ever will be; can you tell that I am a Creationist yet? LOL) and who would not prefer a ``perfect being`` that can unlock the gates of one`s PERCEPTION...?

For perceiving is everything and the way one perceives the universe which surrounds us is paramount in deciding what our destiny will be... what impact we will have on our surroundings... what our legacy will become!

The fact cannot be stressed and emphasized enough - we do need more cosmic and transcendent understanding! Hell, humanity cannot even understand each other; fandom is so insipid, so thick, it took them the longest time to understand Aquaman...!  (And so many still have not!)  It is painfully obvious that us, ``mere mortals`` are unable to perceive deeper truths (pun so very fully intended) and are in dire need of HELP in these matters...!  Well, turns out, help was always there - invisible to the naked eye; busy on a higher plane of existence, also; just awaiting to hear our begging...!

Our perceptive deficiencies, however, may render it nearly impossible to recognize any or all angels that may be in our vicinity; be it guardian variety, the eye-opening kind or the castigating ones! Elvis sang it so well: those we see look like angels, talk like angels, walk like angels - but they are devils in disguise! Oh yes they are! Devils in disguise! (Oh yes they are - in a deeper voice now, please!)

We talk about the Sea King so often here (duh) we might as well start quoting the King of Rock`n`Roll as well, eh... But that`s another story!

Humanity may well need an entire host of angels, aye...
There are way too many numbskulls out there to ``fix up`` - and so little time!
Let the search begin...!

Angels and Mermaids do bear a heck of a great resemblance 
with one another - do they not?
At least they are depicted in much the same ways by artists...

So this would be AQUARIEL...
Neither male nor female - it`s so darn hard to tell - 
thus it is as it should be: asexual and angelic! 
Slightly more one than the other though...
Androgynous seems wrong, somehow - 
not the proper label to affix such a ``perfect being`` 
(and so we go from ``aquamusing`` 
to controversial in one swift move!)

More angels to the rescue - quick!

We do tend to see female angelic figures as... far more benevolent 
while male angelic archetypes must be warriors -
borderline... superheroes?

A ``Nobody Poseidon`` and an Aquaman King of the Seven Seas 
- no angelic material there - much less archangelic! 
And yet... why is there a resemblance?!?
These two remind us of Afflack and Damon in... Dogma!!!

We clearly need more guidance - as we`ve succumbed again 
and fallen back to the superhero schtick so easily...!
Angels - we want angels!
Not mermaids either, please!
Not kelpies - even less!!
No merfolk!

A fellow ``LP`` can surely help...
Laura Powers > Laura Prepon!
No question!

Alas. this nearly cartoonish ``Angel of Peace`` makes one long for...
aquatic nymphs, naiads & mermaids seen in comic-bookies!

Who`s this one though...?!? 
Looks like kelpie material actually - ugh!!!
And what about those...?!?

Always such temptations... right, Temp-pest?

Although they all can have their off-days, too; like, no make-up...

Or... nothing but make-up!

... must be water resistant though...

Well, he would know!
And that ``A`` might as well stand for Angel - as in Angelic Warrior, eh
Now what if that Aquagirl (Lisa Morel) was to be amalgamated with Mera 
herself, all of a sudden... out of the blue...!

And now just watch as we de-evolve quick from meta-human mutie 
to mermaid of myth to kelpie - in a jiffy!

 Nah - no way this one isn`t a KELPIE SIGHTING!

Let`s move on... quick... with some AQUA DI LARA...

Angelic... as a she-devil can be!
Maybe it`s the hair?
With some Aqua Hair, she could be good...?
Let`s try:

Hmm... no.
Let`s just go back to the drawn material already...

Again - it`s just not working out! 
We`re getting further and further away from the angelic influences we seek, deep down (pun oh-so fully intended, indeed!) - 
as the ladies and seamaidens look more and more like devilish creatures! 

Where was she when we blogging about all AQUA branding 
EVER... and done ANYWHERE on the globe???
That can`t be her real name!!!
(Although there is a soccer player in Brazil named Akwa;
but that`s another story!)
We might as well stick with the made-up stuff 
(not saying angels are of that category now - whoa!)
and we select COMIX`s Aqualine now...

Penthouse`s COMIX, that is...!!!

And here we have an ARIEL - not AQUARIEL, no...
Delivered with all the realism injected into...
Lorelei... is that you?!?
Verily, there are many Loreleis here...!!!

That time traveling quality there - 
as we go back and forth between fictional depictions 
and flesh-and-blood *live* action!

Ever since T2`s usage of liquid metal in such creative ways, 
geeks around the world have dreamt of of this...!
The old mermaid wet dream will satisfy many, too...

Mermaids might well be bloodsuckers though...

Kelpies are NOT for keeps - they`re to kill... off!

So, be careful what you wish for...!

Verily, ANGELS are much better things to wish to bump into...
On the beach... or anywhere!

(And we do say angels - not fallen angels! Nor fairies!)

Just carry on dreaming...
And believing!

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