Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hippocampus Language...

Sea Horsey
must be talking about
Mera's sweet cheeks

Truth is...
They all swim in a row under the sea
so there is a wide array of butts to kiss
as well as "touch" or KICK
for you to choose from...!
As long as you only KICK
Captain High Liner's sorry old butt...!
That profiter/Pillager of the Seas!

Ok, ok, Sea Horsey -
do as you will...!!!


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Fighting Back Time!

And no, I do not mean by this that we are about to see AQUAMAN fight back from the depths of limbo onto the heights of the DCU hierarchy again... I do not expect to EVER see the fake prince, Namor, ascend to any kind of pole position, and this even if his c-movie would ever get to be made - and released as anything other than a direct-to-DVD release! I think it to be a longer shot still that seeing any of the following ever mounting any sort of comeback from the deepest reaches of the Big Blue either: Captain Nemo, Mike "Sea Hunt" Nelson, Sinbad, Ulysses/Odysseus, Popeye, Jason and the Argonauts... Or even Gilligan & crew, on any island or any planet that it may be... I further cannot fathom to possibly behold sea creatures rise up in revolt against all the sickening pollution occasionated to their realm via sea dumping of many kinds... Much less would I foresee sea coral springing to life to halt the damages being done to it by execrable surface dwellers...

No, the only one that can protest ever so infinitely, remains the jaws of the seas - the shark. And even then the protest is not long enough - nor successful enough.

Shark Bites Foot
Shark Bites Foot

The shark isn't going down without a fight. Good thing the guy had shoes on. (This shark is fighting back for all those other animals that can't) (S'adresse à un auditoire averti. Les opinions et commentaires exprimés dans ce vidéo n'engagent pas Sympatico / MSN. Ne pas essayer les acrobaties effectuées.)

I sure am delighted to see others point out the fact that few animals ever do fight back - and then, when they do, they are systematically tracked down and "destroyed" - because no beast shall ever threaten a human and dare challenge the veracity of "man has dominance over beasts"...
The thing is, not every man deserves that privilege - because not every man uses it wisely, fairly and with temperance.

Several animals, in their wildest untamed natural state, are kinder than some humans are. Despite what they'll have you believe...

Aquaman and Tarzan know that well - to name only two who do.

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