Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A ''B.C.'' Acting Like A ''D.C.''

 How aquamusing is that... 

Bee Cave Blackjack Casino Slots basically chose to reproduce an Atlantis much like DC's in its fancy thematic game ''K.o.A'' and not any other version of the famed lost continent - certainly not Marvel's! Now, try and explain that, all you idiotic nitwits stuck up on the mere fact that some pointy-eared freakazoid who only foreshadows the Impossible Man and stole, in the murky process initiated by Bill Everett, Mercury's ankle-wings schtick, Dracula's aura and quite-accidentally the still-unborn Mr. Spock's overall, ah, shall we say ''candor'' to be nice?  That misbegotten mutant of a character, purported to be a prince but only a bastard offspring from a race of pretenders, managed all that, sure, as he came to the surface a mere two years before the veritable superman of the seas, garbed in royal orange-and-green from the very get-go, It doesn't impress anyone with half-a-brain; especially since anyone with half-a-brain can see that this ''submariner'' is so obviously an inferior mimicking job of the superman they were trying to imitate in 1939. Now, two years later, Mort Weisinger and Paul Norris created a true equivalent to that superman from the stars: with their superman of the seas, eventually crowned as the king that Atlantis deserves to have, but dubbed, in an equally-mimicking effort to match that superman... aquaman. Haven't you all heard of fine tuning a concept, ironing out all the odd ideas (simply there to differentiate the main protagonist from that certain guy purported to be a Man of Steel - ha!) and finally getting it right the second time...? Hmm?

Well, whoever they are, the guys in that Bee Cave did the right thing (just as the current crop of Dastardly Contributors who were given the mandate to ''make Aquaman a top priority character'' as their company expands its live action horizons... Again - ha! Too late to interest *me* however - who only saw all of those flicks (The Avengers, Iron Men 1 through 3, The Dark Knight trilogy, Man of Steel, Thor, all those crappy Hulks, Spider-Man, Captain America and even The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen...!) only when it was free for me to watch them...! But that's another story...)  The Blackjack Casino slots (pun aquamusingly intended) have therefore proven to have much better taste and, heck, they have plain common sense: as they went with a blond, musclebound merman to champion their ''Kingdom of Atlantis'' (coupled with a dark-haired mermaid - no redheads, alas! Oh, wait; they couldn't resist: they have them too! Mera is flattered...) instead of any scrawny freak with pointy ears for alienesque feel and the most ridiculous wings ever, just for the bogus feeling of ''originality'' - which is totally misleading, too! ''Namor'' has more in common with Pan (not Peter) than he does with anything from Atlantis! Neptune would have never taken in such an illegitimate scion...!!! He would have impaled the bastard with his trident instead and left that skeletonesque figure to rot in the tidal waves! But that's another story...

The kinship between the sea king and sea god 
(Poseidon, above -  no, that is NOT Zeus!)
is quite obvious to aaaaaaall...

Besides, and quite ironically enough too
(as it burns the butts of those prone to defend the
least worthy member of the Defenders -
again, ironically* enough...)
the actual original god of the seas
(not to offend fans of Aegir)
Poseidon is firmly behind AQ - again! -
judging from the KoA visuals above... 
Who you're gonna believe: wet-behind-the-ear rat critics 
or the actual god of the sea?!?

In other aqua news... 

from the man, the myth, the mark himself -
producer of the Aquaman-related Entourage 
and self-proclaimed NEVER to be an Aquaman 
or royalty of any kind whatsoever...
He may a Duke of Wahlburgers in Boston, however...!

So this is how Marky burns the fat, eh...
His buddy Ultimate Man spilled the beans on it... 

Ultimate Man CA
Expert nutritịonist expoṣes “groundbreaking" new ṃiracle fọod 
that destrọys stubbọrn faṭ for Men
Mark Wahlberg’s Miracle Ṅatural Ḟat Ḃurner Revealed!
Click For More (above!)

1000’s of men are ṛapidly shedḍing ḟat
and dropṗing ẉeight every day in record time 
eaṭing this odd natụral ingredịent as used by Celebrities

Yeah - apparently Wolverine is using this, too...

Hugh Jackman claims this was a 'game changer' 
in the battle to stay lean in his mid 40's. 
He has, for some time now, used the combo 
to stay lean particularly whilst bulking up for films. 
According to him, "after your mid 20's 
it becomes increasingly difficult to stay slim. 
This combo is a lifesaver".

Sure is, Wolvie: 
just watch your popularity go the same way 
the Terminator's went, as he got old 
-  or rusty - or both! 
Which would explain why you imitated AQ 
when he lost his hand; you lost yours
Changes the game, 
flexes ''BEACH MUSCLE'' 
(though weakling idiots such as Seth Mac 
haven't got a clue what that might be like...)
*and* it potentially boosts 
your sagging popularity too, eh? 
Makes complete and absolute sense...

But that's another story...

* Now... 
I would be remiss if I did not reaffirm my belief 
and deep conviction, before we swim away, that 
the true least worthy member of the Deafs 
is really... that awful Strange Doc. 
Followed by Subby, followed by ''Hellcat''...
And that list could go on and on, really...
A hell of a lot of Hellions there, you know!

As for the JUSTICE LEAGUE - 
the least worthy members are so obvious: 
Atom... Hawkman... BATMAN. 

But that's another (silly) story...
like all those games out there!

In closing, something WORTHY OF AQUA MUSINGS... 


Got that, MARINELAND...?
''Shut it down! Shut it down! Shut it down!''

...but that`s another story too...


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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

I'm Free... Free Diving

Proof positive that
would have been so much better 
had it replaced ''falling'' with ''diving'' 
- as masterfully exemplified here 
by world champion freediver Guillaume Nery 
(un Français qui n'a pas peur de s'éclabousser, tiens donc!) 
with a precious assist from his sea princess, Julie 
(breath holding champion Julie Gautier;
hmm, are you sure it isn't with an ''h'' - Gauthier? 
Anyway!) Behold the free dive
into Dean's Blue Hole 
(I know - it sounds odd...
Marianna's Trench is it, for me!) 
and marvel at this REAL aquaman...
(Another one...)

Thanks to FB, Dig Ocean and, most of all, 
for bringing this to our attention -
as to the ''smokin' hot'' chick's attention too, quite visibly...


Of course, once Dig O has reached the bottom, 
he could be greeted by AQ there 
exactly in this manner...

Of course, it could be much worse than that, down there...

... you could end up like Patrick, Guillaume...


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