Thursday, May 30, 2013

Aqua June Is Coming - Spread The Tidings!

June the 8th, all sea lovers are invited to partake of their favourite kind of H2O  - salted water - as it will be a special day in which we will all give our thanks for the oceans that we do have: and pledge to defend them forevermore as well.  

You see, June the 8th was chosen by a real sea hero - Ocean Defender - better than Aquaman, infinitely better than Sub-Mariner and all-around more efficient than the Defenders Of The Earth as well: for it is an organization, a very real one made up of very real, flesh-and-bone heroes, that does exactly what the name indicates it does!  

The contingent of this great organization based in Hawaii  (appropriately named OCEAN DEFENDER Hawaii - duh!  Makes me think of my good old plans for an AQUA FORCE Atlantic and AQUA FORCE Pacific - ahh, excuse me while I verse nostalgic for just a tiny second here...!  It's okay: I'm done!  Carry on now!)  chose this date to invite everyone to a special gathering day - mainly due to the fact that June 8th is already inked in as OCEAN DAY as well! Our friends over at O.D. Hawaii (they really, truly are my friends too: on Facebook!) want to make the day extra special by staging a special MEDITATION/TIME OF PRAYER for the oceans, for the sea, the sea near you or even a river, lake, whatever body of water that you have nearby and that is dear to you...!  This time set aside for our beloved AQUA is to last no longer than fifteen minutes, at your lunch break, so that a maximum of people can participate worldwide!  But do not take my word for it - take it straight from OCEAN DEFENDER ''himself'' - here is what was posted as an all-important share on their Facebook page dedicated to this very special event...

Liked · 9 minutes ago

Aloha Ocean Defender Ohana,

We believe that the power our thoughts can not only create our reality but help shape our future.
Our ocean is alive and like any other living entity it needs to feel love and gratitude to stay alive and well. The time has come for us to unite not only physically but spiritually for the healing of our beloved mother ocean. Your actions as consumers and citizens of the world do help and now we want to ask you for your spirit to align with ours in the process of the healing of our seas.

June 8th is ocean day and have chosen this day as our gathering day, the day we all unite spiritually for the first time to do part of our jobs as healers and light workers.
We have received blessed water from very special source and we have been asked to share it around the globe so that it can heal our oceans faster. We have chosen specific countries and areas of the planet making a complete circle around the world so only 22 people will receive the blessed water.

We invite everyone else to gather by the ocean or any body of water if you can and meditate/pray for 15 minutes sending all your love and gratitude to the OCEAN at 12:00 pm noon June 8th 2013.
For those who don’t have any of the blessed water, be empowered to bless a small amount of sea salt with water mixed in a wooden bowl and then pour it in the ocean or any body of water at ceremony time. Please fell free to share your pictures with us on our FB Page Ocean Defender Hawaii
We will be in Kauai blessing the waters of Anini bay.
Mahalo Nui


We are still looking for people in the Middle East and India if you know of anyone who would like to help please message us here.


We, here, at Aqua Musings, had no idea sea lovers were few and far in-between in India and across the Middle-East: just one of the many things one learns when befriending THE MIGHTY OCEAN DEFENDER!  But we digress... 

The fine people at Ocean Defender included a picture that, for them, exemplifies best what a quarter of an hour of meditation by the sea or prayer for the ocean is all about: it is the picture below, a fine work of art to be credited to one Valerie Millett... 

 — with Anna Altan.
Not sure who the latter name is, 
but I like the name! 
So close to ''Atlan''...!

For our money, though, the best picture to represent both Ocean Defender as a group, as an organization, AND to parlay the world into participating in this 15 minutes of foam... sea foam, get it?... and prayer for the ocean or meditation with the ocean -as we are ONE, after all, WITH IT- the best picture, therefore, is THIS one: 

Photo Credits: Adam Duffy 
(no relation to Patrick - the Man From Atlantis?) 
Global Photographer 

Picture yourself now, on June the 8th, assembling with all sorts of fellow sea lovers - and stopping for those few minutes, taking a break from the hellacious pace society has you on just to keep up, pausing to commune with the ocean...   

And, if you are not fortunate enough to be close to any banks, any beaches, any body of water at all, do as the smart people of Ocean Defender suggested: pray over a small amount of sea water mixed with water in a wooden bowl - the full-on medieval magic effect right there!   You'll have to pour it into the ocean (or a river, or a brook) by ''ceremony time''  - 12:00pm noon, eastern time (we assume!) 

We, at Aqua Musings, encourage one and all to participate that day - and to pray, meditate and send good vibes to the oceans, and its creatures, all over the world, any other day too. 

However we will beg to differ from OD's point of view (not espousing AC's here - fear not!) as to the ''blessing'' part there...  The ocean water is already blessed water.  It is we who desecrate it, day in and day out, with a ll the foul things that we dump in it.  Healing it from all this is a monumental task - perhaps too monumental for our own undertaking.  But we cannot help it; we feel guilty about it - as well we should! We are guilty: guilty of it all!  Our prayers will have no more power than the aquatic make-believe super-duper-heroes have in mending what has been done wrong to our ''mother ocean'' and all of its affluent streams.  The Blessed Water overall - all the oceans and bodies of water of the world; over 70% of this Earth - is so Blessed by its Creator. And He (She? To be frank, the Creator is beyond such gender definitions...!) may be the only one able to undo the harm done over this, all-in-all, very short time - since the industrialisation of our society, basically.  We can only pray for His Intervention - and ongoing Blessings for the seas and all its denizens. Aye... God - Save Our Oceans. So should be the central core of the prayer said on June the 8th.  We don't expect it to be: but it is what it really should be, there is absolutely no doubt about that.  Just ask any sea creature... AMEN! 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Aqua Review On IMDB - Long Overdue!

However, here it is and here we are - with enough hindsight to properly set it up against the backdrop of Avengers films, Cappo films and Batty films - hmm?   Seven years removed from the King of the Seven Seas' great, terrific, spectacular debut on network television (not counting the episode of Smallville titled ''Aqua'' and subsequent much-needed recasting of the main part that proved once again that third time was the charm: as they found Justin Hartley on the third wave -pun fully intended- and he absolutely was what a young ''A.C. not yet AQ'' Arthur Curry still oblivious to his origins and abilities -and living a carefree existence in the Florida Keys- should be and should have always been!)

See, now, all of the above (and some more to be found below!) was left out of the aforementioned review - due to IMDB's lamentable 1000 word limit!  Thank the Good Lord that it isn't a 1000 character limit, of course: but damn it, it is so restrictive sometimes!  Granted, this sort of subject can be dealt with in few words - after all, we are not talking about the deadly pollution of the seas and its repercussions worldwide, or moratoriums on whale-hunting and dolphin-hunting that are simply not respected or, once again, the coral reef's last stand and, by direct association, the planet's last stand too...   This is merely a review about a fictional, idealized character that was finally given a shot at his own TV glory, back in 2006, and it didn't pass due to budget restrictions and American TV network red tape!  We'd sure need a guy of this type (or several) in order to properly deal with the ecological chaos running wild on the globe and getting worse each passing day due to our neglect and pure and simple lack of caring...  But there is no Aquaman. And if there were, he'd be self-absorbed as he was portrayed in this pilot for a porposed (porpoised? purpoised? proposed!) series that had him a tiny bit worried about the seas, sure - but mostly intrigued by mythical Atlantis, the Bermuda Triangle, his links to both and a certain alluring at first but quickly nothing but feral Siren that shows up and gets his Atlantean pheromones going... 

And then the Siren became Wonder Woman!  Read up, now, what I was forced to leave out of my review - due to lack of space...

I mentioned Adrianne Palicki - before she was Wondy, she was the Siren
here; and a million times more feral than a Fury or a Terminatrix (so
sorry, T3 Kristanna Loken - you were not even close!) but there is more
amusing stuff to note here. Cary Elwes could have been cast as Aquaman
years ago - right after The Princess Bride in fact! He was, instead,
cast in Wondy's failed pilot (but not as Steve Trevor - how odd is that
- the supporting character who is effectively replacing Aquaman in the
Justice League right now as the token blond guy of the group! But
Trevor has no powers whatsoever? What gives...? Oh yes - neither does
the Batman! So never mind that now...) and even more amusing of all,
Elwes is Aquaman's voice in ''The Flashpoint Paradox'' animated movie,
being released in 2013. Cary - not Justin, but not Alan Ritchson either
- thank God!

But forget all about Palicki - A.C. had a bevy of beauties surrounding him on this show and more promised to him - as Mera had not yet been cast, after all...!  She would eventually surface, side-by-side with him, but on another episode of Smallville as A.C. was, again, portrayed not by Justin but by that American Idol guy - Alan Ritchson.   Too bad  none of the supporting cast of this MERCY REEF pilot made the transition to SMALLVILLE in the end: many of them could have fit in splendidly well.  Too bad Ving Rhames' character of McCaffery, especially, was never recuperated too, and used at least for a few episodes on Smallville like A.C. himself was - for they sure could have used the witty repartee, quality dialogue-delivery, screen presence, star quality and acting skills...   
Speaking of him, just for the sake of not wasting anything, not even a word, I'd like to add here the other line I had to cut out from my over-1000 word review there...

The role of McCaffery was a product of the Aquaman comic-book series at the time (written and drawn by... well, sorry, again I draw a blank on this one!  But you can google it and find out!)
and it became an even more interesting character as portrayed by Mr. Rhames.

Aw, damn - we had no space to mention the great soundtrack, too - including the music used for the trailer (at least) and forevermore identified with the Sea King now: Trust Company's Downfall.  Hmm... In retrospect, that seemed to have been one heck of a bad omen now, eh? And yet the song seemed to say, way before the character himself began to (in recent stories penned by Geoff Jones or something) to all the nay-sayers and foolish detractors of this character: ''you don't know squat about who I really am: here, fools, I'll show you ANOTHER SIDE OF ME... ONE YOU WON'T SOON FORGET!'' (Hmm, as I say in the review, though, hindsight being 20/20, obviously, it wasn't a good omen for A.C. at all, to select that tune there...! But then, other characters seem to like it enough to make it all their own as well - so A.C. is not the only one taking this downfall or whirlpool/downward spiral, ultimately! Enjoy the reverse buoyancy, y'all now!)


Here's to a series that would have been outright awesome - ON THE SEVENTH ANNIVERSARY (very nearly) of its still-born disappearance...  Aquaman's Mercy Reef...

Photo Credits: Gough/Millar - WB
Don't hold it against him, Mera! 
He was young - he didn't know 
what he was doing...!

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