Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year, Duck-Divers!

No, we're not talking about Aquaduck  
or the McScrooge Clan, here... 

We're talking about THIS:

Duck and Cover? That's for DC-mites...! 
Decidedly Cool Peeps do much better than that: 
they duck and surf on... and on... and on!

And may *you* too have lots of fun, 
in 2014 AND BEYOND, 
beneath the waves like that...!  

Because it's not just about surf'n'turf in life, 
you know: 
it is also about how you manage your turf 
and how well you can surf 
through life's obstacles...
And there will be plenty of them in 2014 
-and beyond- 
I assure thee...!
But that's another story...

Friday, December 20, 2013

Aquaficionadas - Baywatch style

Today, for not much reason at all, we remember Baywatch 
and its bevy of aquaficionadas... and bimbos. 
Mostly of the former - let's pretend?

We won't badmouth them too much now: fear not! 
We still hold in some regard Marliece Andrada 
Shawn Weatherly (not a guy) 
or even Angelica ''Wish-It-Was-Mera'' Bridges, after all... 
They were utmost professionals, those three: 
always well-tanned, trim, fit, well-hydrated 
and that triangle was trimmed and fit 
for the bathing suit, too...

This is Shawn - see?

Originally starring a Hardy Boy 
and a transplanted Knight Rider, 
this NBC-quickly-transplanted-as-first-run-syndication show 
remains firmly entrenched into people's minds 
as the show about sand, beaches, swimming, surfing 
and lifeguards whose definite shapeliness 
implies that they posed for Playboy most recently...

Through its lengthy run 
(we liken it to a long swim - ending with the bends) 
there were many cast changes 
leading most to believe there was a revolving door 
giving access to the beach...
The rumors were true: there was a weight clause 
set by the producers just so that they could easily fire 
any cast member who got too hungry... 

But we already mentioned all this here - didn't we?

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the show -
without any special reunion episode 
or remake for the big screen, thank God!
Let,s just keep this as it is now: 
an old TV show that some can still remember 
without having to actually watch... or baywatch.

Here is but a sample of what the show was all about, in truth, 
- it is a scene starring two of its lesser-known stars...

It is the greatest ACTING one could get to see on that show, for sure; 
not involving Pamela, Yasmine, Donna, Traci, Erika, Carmen or Gena Lee, 
now that isn't a lie at all...

Baywatch even welcomed guest-stars of renown, once in a while:
the one we liked to akin to an Aquaman of the squared circle, 
'Nature Boy' Ric Flair, 
along with the late Macho Man Randy Savage, 
the devil himself (former Boston Bruiser Kevin Sullivan) 
Big Van Vader and 'Hollywood' Hulk Hogan 
all appeared together as ''WCW'' overall 
hogged an entire episode up - 
what else could they do? 
Hogan's own aquatic show, 
''Thunder In Paradise'' 
was a total utter failure 
and had been canceled already -
and he didn't have his reality TV show yet...

But that's another story...

Carrie-Anne Moss, pre-Matrix...
Laura Harring, post-daytime and pre-Mulholland Drive...
and Elizabeth Berkley, pre-Showgirls
...among others...

You can see the level of quality right there...
And you can see why some would believe it 
when rumors of sapphic footage from that show 
pop up, quite inexplicably, on YouTube...!

There was, at one point, even a spin-off, sort of...
''Baywatch Nights''
for, once you get off the beach, 
you can still strut your stuff, somehow... hmm?
Mercifully, that one lasted 
for but a blink of an eye. 
(We won't be celebrating its b-day!)

We'd rather be watching toons, actually...

Rest In Peace, Baywatch! 

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